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Why'd the Cubs Keep the Bench Boys?

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  • Why'd the Cubs Keep the Bench Boys?

    Sorry if this thread has been dealt with ad nauseum already; I couldn't find it in a look at the recent threads.

    I'm just wondering where the decision was made in the Cubs organization to resign Prior and Wood? It should be clear to everyone by now that these two unfortunately will never get past these injuries and have decent careers again. It's a sad fact of athletic life, but there is indeed life after baseball.

    If the Cubs haven't the good sense to let these guys go and use that money for better bets by now, I would think the two pitchers themselves would by now be getting embarrassed to take millions a year to not perform. Ryne Sandberg showed the old-style honor of giving money back one season when he underperformed. I can't expect that from every Cub who fails to live up to his past, but I would like to think that someone who has no realistic chance of playing another full professional season would stop taking the monetary equivalent of a regular person's 30-year salary each year and signing new contracts to do so. There's no honor in that. The dream dies hard, but at some point, you've got to hear the alarm.

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    Well, first off, Prior wasnt a sing or let go thing, he was up for arbitration and we negotiated to keep away from that. And with Wood, we only watsed a mil and a half on him, he dont do nothing, then its really nothing compared to what we are paying others.
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    Just a note to all the active members of BBF, I consider all of you the smartest baseball people I have ever communicated with and love everyday I am on here. Thank you all!


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      this topic has been discussed ad nauseum.


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        Theres nothing left to be said here on this topic. Baseball would be an easy game if we all had crystal balls and even I, who never thought either would be back and productive, have to agree with the logic that not much was lost giving them another shot in '07.

        Its just a sad chapter in Chicago baseball. And its time to move on.
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