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    Originally posted by Bob Sacamento View Post
    Long term, he's a significant offensive upgrade over all three but defensively Theriot's got him at 2B. As far as his trade value, his name has come up several times in the past month. I'm not sure on the Cubs position on trading him as Lou is smitten with the Louisiana Boys so it's going to be hard for Patterson to break-in the lineup. EP could bring us in a mild/decent midreliever or platoon player. Remember, Cub fans have a history of overvaluing their own prospects, they all think they're going to turn into superstars.
    Yep, I know. That's why I'm asking you. I was a bit overly smitten with the last Patterson, so I don't know what to make of this one yet. I know DeRosa is streaky offensively, but defensively he's a hell of a guy to have around. Six positions is a lot, even for a utility guy. I hope this injury doesn't turn out to be serious.
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      It was only a matter of time before Jones got his act together. A career .270, perennial 20 HR/year guy, wasn't gonna hit .230 all season. The only way he was going to break out of that slump is if he got more consistent at-bats. As a more proven veteran, he deserves the benefit of the doubt over Pie or Pagan. Now that he is out of the spotlight as a "5-or-6-spot-the-order-RBI-man", the relieved pressure should allow him to raise his numbers closer to his career averages as a 7th spot guy while De Rosa and Floyd do their thing in front of him. He should be a big help down the stretch but I still hope we find a way to get rid of him next season.


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        I'll have to say that I am proud of Jones' play lately. I keep seeing that we need another good hitting OF. If Jones' keeps it up, maybe we won't need another, but I keep hearing Jermaine Dye's name. I only hope if we do get someone that we do not break the bank of young talent in the trade.


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          What's puzzling this year is that he's completely lost his power. His career slugging is.454, and last year, he slugged .499. This year, he's slugging .347.

          He's only 32, which should be among his peak power years. He hit 27 home runs last year, yet is on pace for 4 this year. He's had enough regularity with his playing time that I don't think it has to do with Lou's shuffling of the outfielders.
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            The loss of power on the Cubs is a bit contagious since almost all the Cubs have lost some power. Two years ago the team as a whole slugged .440 and hit 194 homers. Both good for second place. Last year they slumped to .422 and 166 good for 10th and 9th respectively. A good chunk of that of course is because of the loss of Lee. This year so far they rank 12th in home runs and 8th in SLG with a .411. This year it is a very real possibility that nobody on the Cubs will hit more then 30 homers. So I think something is going on at Wrigley.

            Though of course that doesn't excuse Jones awful hitting.


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              Bump... Jones really was worth keeping around, considering he has had one of the biggest bats in the MLB since the begining of August. He sure has saved the Cubs a** more than a few times in the past month.

              Woo Hoo for Jones!!!!!


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