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What did we learn this year?

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  • What did we learn this year?

    1. Theriot is no Eckstein.

    2. Although 2005 might be the best DLee will ever do, he is a better hitter than his career line of .281/.367/.502.

    3. Guzman will probably never be healthy enough to be a starter.

    4. Pie was not ready.

    5. Soriano is a good defensive LF. As a batter, he'd rather take a shot to the groin than take a walk.

    6. Wood when healthy still has his stuff.

    7. Jones can play CF without embarrassing himself.

    8. Kendall is not a catcher anymore.

    9. Howry is the real deal.

    10. Marmol will be a productive pitcher.

    11. Marquis might not be as bad as he was in 2006, but he's still an average pitcher at best.

    12. Zambrano has yet to be an elite pitcher.

    13. Soto deserves a shot to start next year.

    14. Prior needed surgery.

    15. Wade Miller is done.
    To offset some of the pain of being a diehard Cubs fan, I've learned to also be a moderate Yankees fan.

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    16. Ohman is an underwhelming LOOGY who keeps a bus parked nearby under which to throw the coaching staff.
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