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  • What would you do if you were GM?

    Let's play Cubs GM for a moment. What you you do with $35-40 million a year and/or trade pieces in Hill and Pie (admittedly, unlikely sum of money to spend, but I wanted to compare with ARod's rumored asking price)? The list below is just some suggestions of the possibilities. Feel free to disagree with the guesstimates as to what each player will take (although Tejada is based on actual contract), and to add players I left off. Looking at possible free agents, and some assumptions about their price:


    -ARod for $35 million per for 10 years;
    -Tejada for Pie and Hill plus $13 million per for 2 years;
    -Eckstein for $6 million per for 3 years;


    -Andruw Jones for $15 million for 4 years;
    -Hunter for $15 million per for 5 years;
    -Rowand for $11 million per for 5 years;
    -Lofton for for $6 million for 1 year


    -Schilling for $13 million for 1 year;


    -Jose Guillen for $10 million per for 3 years;
    -Milton Bradley (plays all OF positions) for $5 million per for 3 years;

    For $37 million, I'd pull the deal for Tejada, pick up Schilling and Rowand in free agency. Seems to me a better use of money than ARod and a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Schilling is gone after a year, leaving room for hope of another minor leaguer to emerge. If no one emerges and Schilling has a good year, re-sign him. Also if by some miracle Santana actually hits free agency the following year, much rather have him at $23 million per year, counting on not resigning Tejada the following year.
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    By my count, there are 8 guys expendable (Jones, Theriot, Fontenot, Pie, Dumpster, Cedeno, Pagan, and Monroe, not to mention some AAAA guys and a few prospects) right now. And if need be, for a huge deal, though I don't see one, Hill and maybe even Murton.

    I'd be content with an OF of Soriano, Jones, and Murton, and getting a FA CF will cost a large sum of money. Honestly, I do not want Rowand. I have never liked him, and I'm not so sure this past season wasn't a simple case of overachieving in the face of a walk year. Hunter will cost too much, but trading Jones and someone else could bring in a young CF or a guy who can shift around.

    Obviously getting Schilling would be huge for the starting staff, as I'd slide him into the #3 slot right away, and wouldn't have a problem paying 12-14$mil for him.

    For SS, I don't really want anyone but Tejada. There isn't much out there, and in all seriousness, what it will take to get Arod won't be worth it. Eckstein is a downgrade from Theriot IMO, and the O's-Cubs connections make this deal very forseeable.

    The first thing I would do though, is resign Wood, put him in the 8th inning spot, call Carlos and tell him he's our guy in the 9th and ship Dumpster out of town in any way possible. Then go from there.


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      I've already made my thoughts on Lofton. A .370 OBP guy is what this lineup needs, not a 25-30 HR hitter with .320 OBP to replace Murton (who can be coached into being a 20 HR hitter without sacrificing his .360 OBP). Lofton is cheap, decent with the glove, able to bat anywhere in the lineup, and already beloved by Cubs fans.

      Cosmo, I don't think we have any rights to Monroe at this point, though I guess I might be mistaken. If so, cart him out in exchange for a BP bucket (balls optional). My list of expendable players is as follows (in order): Ohman, Cedeno, Hart, Guzman, Gallagher, Eyre, Fontenot, Jones, Pagan, Petrick, Pie. I'd prefer not to move those last three, but any big trade would likely need to involve Pie.

      I'd pull in Lofton and then maybe try to trade Cedeno, Hart, and Jones for Tejada. It probably wouldn't work, but that's what I'd do.
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        I've been wondering the same about Monroe, but when I was on ESPN they had a depth chart and free agents list and he was still on the depth chart and not the FA list. Led me to believe that they still have the rights to him, but I'm not 100% sure either.


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          Monroe has I believe has 1 more season to play before he is a free agent.

          If Curt Schilling is willing to take a 1 year contract I would sign him. But more then that it becomes problematic. If you can sign Lofton for another 1 year deal I would. Treat him like Cliff Floyd this year. If can hit you play him, if he can't you sit him down.

          Tejada because he only has 2 seasons left isn't a bad risk but what the Orioles are going to want is a bad risk. They are going to want at least Pie and Hill and is Tejada for 2 seasons woth that? In 10 years we will know for sure but right now it just feels risky.

          I wouldn't go for Jones, Rowand, or Hunter. Too much money for too many years and on the wrong side of 30.

          I think they try to sign Geoff Jenkins as a fifth OF'er and bat off the bench, I think you sign Shannon Stewart as your 4th OF'er.

          So your bench is Blanco, Ward (1B, OF), Jenkins (OF), Stewart (OF), Fontenot (MI), Cedeno (MI).

          Derrek Lee
          Mark DeRosa
          Aramis Ramirez
          Ryan Theriot
          Alfonso Soriano
          Jacque Jones/Lofton
          Matt Murton
          Geo Soto

          It isn't a great lineup but I think it would put up more runs then they did this year.


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            I don't view it as a risk to let Hill and Pie go elsewhere. Pie has nothing to prove at AAA, but he's not ready for MLB. So what do you do with him? Yes, he's got all the tools to be more than just a solid contributor, but is he ever going to put it all together? I'm always leery of guys that reek of tools, but can't quite put it all together. More often than not, they end up being mere solid quality players several years down the road, or nothing more than a "What if Quad-A" player.

            As for Hill, I don't ever seen him being more than a back end of the rotation guy. I've also never been a fan of lefty's with a fringe above-average fastball and a loopy curveball as his main pitches. Relying heavily on such a curveball will cause too many headaches when that curveball is not sharp. I think people look at the K totals, and envision him as a young Zito, but look at what Zito has become. We've all seen what happens when his curveball is off, as he doesn't have enough life on his fastball to succeed on days that his stuff is not on.

            Neither of these two are make-or-break guys for the Cubs future. I don't see Pie ever even coming close to winning an MVP or Hill ever coming within the top 20 for the Cy Young. Yes they are good players and can help, but if you get the chance to get someone who can have a better impact on a team right now, you make that deal. These two aren't going to be guys, that if we trade away, 3-4 years from now we will be kicking ourselves that we gave them away.

            Letting these two go will not leave the cupboard bare, as I feel, we aren't completely selling the farm for someone else. If the deal was to get someone like Tejada, I'd make the deal in a heartbeat.


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              Originally posted by Ubiquitous View Post

              I think they try to sign Geoff Jenkins as a fifth OF'er and bat off the bench, I think you sign Shannon Stewart as your 4th OF'er.


              Didn't Shannon Stewart turn down the trade to come to us last year? If so, he won't sign here.


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                Originally posted by Lipsander View Post
                Didn't Shannon Stewart turn down the trade to come to us last year? If so, he won't sign here.
                No, Stewart could not turn down the deal. The A's put him on waivers and the Cubs claimed him. At that point the A's could let him go, work out a trade, or pull him back. The A's decided to pull him back. Billy Beane decided that some teams first round (or second round pick if they are in the top 15) draft pick was better then anything the Cubs were willing to offer.


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                  Regardless, Stewart and Jenkins aren't the answer(s). I'm really starting to warm up to NK's idea of Lofton. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense, and is a good low risk/medium reward type deal.

                  But they need to just go lock up Schilling right now. Give him the 13$ Mil and let's go from there.


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                    Not the answer to what question? The Cubs need a bench or do you think they plan on having their relievers be their bench?


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                      I think they plan on having players that are effectively not washed up on their bench. Jenkins and Stewart are a downgrade from what they can go get/already have.


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                        Players who are not washed up are starters not bench players.

                        Geoff Jenkins is a serviceable left handed bat off the bench that hits righties fairly well for a 4th or 5th outfielder and has some pop.

                        Shannon Stewart has a decent to good batting average and on base percentage that can play the outfield well enough to be a fine 4th or 5th OF'er.
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                          Both of those guys #'s have been on the decline the last 3 years. Why waste money on something they've already got?

                          How much money is Jenkins gonna demand? 8-10Mil for 1-2 years (maybe more)? All that money for maybe 8-10 HR's, a horrible OBP, and he'll still find a way to K 100 times (given 250-300 or so AB's, if that). I think we already have that on our roster- Craig Monroe

                          Stewart's doesn't have very much pop left, a decent average, and a decent OBP. But didn't have some trouble with injuries last year? (Honestly, I can't remember). Not much of an upgrade over Murton.


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                            For starters the Cubs don't have much of anything for a bench right now. SEcondly I seriously doubt that Jenkins is going to get 8 to 10 million dollars. But if he does then you obviously pass on him.

                            We are not talking about upgrades or anything like that, we are talking about a bench. An upgrade over Murton is a starter not a bench player.


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                              I just think they can get better than those two, or stick with what they've got. Ward, Monroe, and Pie is already cheap and available. I guess now that I think about it, Stewart wouldn't be that bad, but I would want to see them pickup someone else. But Jenkins? When I look at him, all I see is Jeromy Burnitz and we've had to sit through too many of those episodes (read- strikeouts)


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