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Have the Cubs In Culture, Attitude & Results Truly Shed Their Losing past

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  • Have the Cubs In Culture, Attitude & Results Truly Shed Their Losing past

    You can make a case for the Cubs being the worst franchise in baseball for about Two Decades 1946-1966 (although the American League's Philadelphia/Kansas City Athletics Give the Cubs a run for their money). They've had some spikes of good performances since then, including a few division titles and a World Series Victory, but in the long-term - Have the Cubs become a Franchise Of Winners, despite their difficult, or at best, checkered past?
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    I didn't live during the late 40's thru the 50's but my father did and he used to say the summers were long and depressing. "The weather is great but the cubs are killing me."
    I've followed the cubs more or less thru the 70's till now(With the exception of the Sosa era...I stopped following baseball till they began testing for roids) So I've sat thru more then a few 90+ loss seasons. It's a lot more fun now: I never miss a game.


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      Yes, the Cubs have absolutely shed their loser image. The winning of the WS in 2016 was a watershed moment for the franchise and fanbase: it finally put an end to the "Billy Goat Curse" and all of the decades of futility that curse represented. Unless the Cubs go another 100 years before they not only win but EVEN APPEAR in a WS, they will never be stuck with such a loser image again. The Cubs are now a "normal" MLB team again just like the Red Sox after breaking the Curse of the Bambino in 2004. The Cubs will undoubtedly experience years (maybe even decades) of losing baseball, but the idea that they are doomed to the end of time to never ever succeed, which was drilled into generations of Cubs fans, is extremely unlikely to occur again.


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