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    Well, the bats looked good yesterday.
    Some are saying the cubbies won't even break .500 this year...

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    That's just click bait! They will, at the very least, be competing for the division title or WC until the end of the season. The starting rotation and bullpen are the biggest worries. How much does Lester and Hamels have left, and will Darvish be the ace that we all expected? I'm still mystified why the Brewers haven't acquired any additional starters. I believe their BP is going to break down this year. I suspect it will be between the Cubs and Cards for the division title.


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      Well, we've definitely righted the ship. I wonder how many still think the cubbies won't finish over .500....


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        Despite the 3-8 start, this years Cubs are playing better baseball than in 2017 and 2018. And if they can continue playing this consistently through the end of the regular season and into the postseason, they can win another WS title if not make it back to the WS at least.

        Last season was a mess throughout, especially after the All-Star break. Not only Joe Maddon made moves that were more questionable than what he did in Game 7 of the WS back in '16 when the Cubs won it all; Chili Davis wasn't as good hitting coach at all, which was a big factor in why the offense grew cold during the second half. The pitching was also not that consistent. Yu Darvish missed much of the season due to injuries. Tyler Chatwood walked so many batters, and for this reason was moved to the bullpen. And the bullpen couldn't hold onto the lead at times. Had the Cubs played just as consistently last year as they're doing now, they could've won their second WS title in 3 years if not make their second WS appearance in that timespan.


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