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  • '08 Cubs

    how do you think they will do?
    i believe in the cubs

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    Originally posted by MLB crazy View Post
    how do you think they will do?
    Welcome to the forum, MLB.

    Right now, I'm thinking 86 to 90 wins. Usually, someone will post something more in depth here, when we get closer to spring training, because there are still moves to be made. Also, a couple of good projections will come out from sources like Baseball Prospectus, which did an outstanding job predicting this past year's outcome.
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      Hopefully the 2008 Cubs will perform a repeat of what the 1908 Cubs managed to accomplish. We'll just have to wait and see. I gave up trying to predict baseball a long time ago. Baseball is a superstitious sport, and I don't want to jinx my team.
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        Cubs seem to be on a snake bit run despite playing in a patty cake division. Maybe .500.
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          I agree - .500 at best.
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