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Pagan traded back to the Mets

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  • Pagan traded back to the Mets

    With the Cubs under a roster crunch and no spot for Angel Pagan, they looked for anyone interested and they found the Mets. The Cubs acquired Pagan from the Mets before the 2006 season for cash, he was a roster crunch there as well. In this end of the deal the Cubs get a 22yo righty reliever in Ryan Meyers and a 25yo lefty outfielder Corey Coles.

    Meyers was drafted in the 17th round out of high school in 2003, yet still the highest level he's pitched at is 8 games in High A which was this season. In the past he's had serious control problems and Tommy John surgery in 2005, but looked to correct those miscues in 2007 while pitching exclusively in the pen. Meyers looks to start the season in Daytona's bullpen where his fastball/changeup combo can but used properly. Wilken and company think they found a late bloomer and potential midreliever down the road in Meyers.

    As for Coles, before this season the highest level he had played at was High A in 2006. This year, he started in High A once again, but bounced up to AA and even saw some action at AAA. All this has little to do with his play and more to do with state of the Mets' farm system. Like Meyers, Coles was taken in the 2003 draft except higher as the fifth round pick and out of college. In the Sun Belt Conference, Coles was a superstar. He showed plate discipline, contact ability, plus speed, a well-rounded OF, and a power bat. All of those skills translated over into professional ballplayer Coles except for the power. At first scouts thought it was an adjustment to wooden bats but the more and more Coles played, it appeared the power was gone out of his stroke. Without his huge power potential, Coles value drops dramatically but he does have promise as a leadoff style hitter. Look for Coles to start the season in Tennessee (AA) and if he plays well, he could earn sometime for Iowa.

    All in all, don't except a huge impact out of either of this guys. They'll likely become minor league roster filler while we gave Pagan, whom we acquired for chump change, a chance to play something he was not going to do here.
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      I'm happy for him. I hope he can get some more playing time. I thinks he's a decent player.


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