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2008 Chicago Cubs Season

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  • Well congrats to the Cubs for a fine season. I got some buddies right now who are so angry over this playoff thing they cant even talk about baseball.

    The thing is with the modern game, with free agency and the number of teams, games you play, and the level of competition, getting a ring has become a very long and difficult journey. Baseball is a game that can humble anyone or any team, most of all in the modern game. Its so very difficult to keep the level of your play high all thru the long season and still hit your stride in Oct.

    And thats what its about, "hitting your stride in Oct.". I think its going to be very difficult to beat the Dodgers this year just because of that reason. This is a confident young team thats hitting on all cylinders right now. This is a pitching staff that threw a 3.68 era during the regular season and just ended up throwing a 2.00 against the best hitting team in the '08 NL. That one stat tells me the Dodgers are going to the big dance this year.

    So I know folks are disappointed right now. Believe me I know! Ive lived in this town for 50 years and been disappointed by both teams. The Cubs have to make some adjustments for '09 but already they appear to be in decent shape for next year. If theres one big worry its the fact that some of the guys who aren't going anywhere seem to forget how to play the game in Oct.

    But thats baseball. A game that can humble anyone.
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