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issue your April grades for each player

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  • issue your April grades for each player

    Derrek Lee: A. He's doing exactly what I expect him to do, and the power has returned.
    Daryle Ward: C. He's not hitting like we need him to, but he drew more walks this month than any other month of his career.
    Mark DeRosa: A. Like Lee, he's doing exactly what we need, and as always his best attribute is his availability.
    Mike Fontenot: C. Like Ward, he's not hitting like we need him to. I suspect we may be seeing the real Mike Fontenot.
    Ryan Theriot: A-. I agree with Bob that he's not the right choice at SS, but it's hard to argue with his numbers.
    Ronny Cedeno: A+. I never expected to like him, but he's showing us a lot right now.
    Aramis Ramirez: B+. He's doing what he does every year: start slow, then bring the power while providing questionable defense. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Alfonso Soriano: D. Hitting poorly, very little plate discipline, and injured, as per usual. His defense is okay, but otherwise he looks a lot like Randall Simon. Ouch. Lou, bat him 5th.
    Matt Murton: D. He's still my favorite, but he really didn't deliver.
    Reed Johnson: B. I'm probably unfairly critical of the guy because he replaced my favorite outfielder. I don't care much for his defense, but he delivers offensively.
    Felix Pie: C. He's starting to show some plate discipline, and of course his defense is stellar. Maybe he'll turn the corner like Ronny did this year.
    Kosuke Fukudome: A+. Not much to say here. He's perfect.

    Geovanny Soto: A+. Despite those eight consecutive strikeouts, he's definitely the best offensive catcher we've had in recent history as well as the best balanced. That he threw an entire game without being shaken off once says everything.
    Henry Blanco: A+. Still the best defensive catcher in baseball, and he's posting a line of .333/.429/.333, and he's remembered to zip his fly for every game thus far.

    Carlos Zambrano: A+. Stunning ERA and WHIP, and he just hit his first HR of the season.
    Ted Lilly: D. I'm surprised he has even one win. I almost hope he's hurt, just so there will be some justification for our most consistent pitcher of last year burying us in four of his six starts.
    Ryan Dempster: B+ BBs are too high, but otherwise his numbers are incontestably solid.
    Rich Hill: C. He's young, so I give him a pass for his slow start. He has successfully pitched himself out of a few really bad situations.
    Jason Marquis: B-. I give him a pass for some of his errant starts as well because he was sick and fought through it to avoid missing starts. His stats are average all around, but he's playing on pure testicular fortitude. As much as I didn't like him in spring training, I think he's okay right now.

    Kerry Wood: A. Aside from his two missed save opportunities, he's lights out and posting a stupidly low WHIP.
    Carlos Marmol: A+. Our best reliever, hands down.
    Bob Howry: C. I just expect him to start slow anymore. He'll come through.
    Michael Wuertz: C. He'll come through too.
    Jon Lieber: A. I wonder how long it'll be before he replaces Lilly. After a couple of years of Glendon Rusch as the long reliever, it's nice to have a guy that can actually do the job.
    Sean Marshall: A. Still great. I hope we get him back in the rotation at some point.
    Carmen Pignatiello: D. Just didn't get the job done. He's young though. I think he'll do better next time he's up.
    Kevin Hart: No Grade. He seems to pitch a lot on days when I don't see the games, so I can't evaluate him fairly. By his stat line alone I wouldn't give him a particularly high grade, but I can't evaluate a guy I haven't really seen.
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    Derrek Lee: A+. Contact. Power. Glove. Leadership. He has got it all right now.
    Daryle Ward: D+. We got him as a pinch hitter, and he isn't coming through.
    Mark DeRosa: B+. Very versatile, has been swinging the bat well, but he has made a couple crucial errors.
    Mike Fontenot: C. Not hitting that great, but it's not really affecting us with everyone else playing well.
    Ryan Theriot: A-. Swinging the hot bat, although I don't like when he plays SS and Ronny 2B
    Ronny Cedeno: B+. He is doing quite well, but lets not get carried away (with an A+). But it seems he has finally broken through, and the walk he drew on Eric Gagne would have ended in a K 100% of the time with the Ronny Cedeno of last year.
    Aramis Ramirez: B. Starting to warm up, expect that to continue.

    Alfonso Soriano: F. Bad hitting. I knew that hop was going to hurt him one day. The true disappointment of this season so far.
    Matt Murton: D+. For those of you hating him in AAA...this is why.
    Reed Johnson: B-. Defense is really important in CF in my eyes, but has been batting well.
    Felix Pie: C-. Great speed and glove, but its really sad that his minor league hitting hasn't transfered.
    Kosuke Fukudome: A. Doing all we asked and more.

    Geovanny Soto: A. Finally a good hitting good fielding catcher!
    Henry Blanco: B+. Doing the job of a backup very well.

    Carlos Zambrano: A+. Could this be the Cy Young year?
    Ted Lilly: C-. I'm hoping that April was just a blip, and that
    Ryan Dempster: B. Has looked shaky at times, but he is getting wins, and that's all that matters.
    Rich Hill: D+. He doesn't seem to be improving at all.
    Jason Marquis: C+. Only consistent in his inconsistency.

    Kerry Wood: C+. Too many blown saves and shaky games. it seems he is either on or off. Maybe I'm just bitter after today.
    Carlos Marmol: A. Filthy.
    Bob Howry: C+. Slow start, but has shown some good stuff.
    Michael Wuertz: C+. See Howry.
    Jon Lieber: A-. Has put in some clutch performances when Lilly and Hill were getting shelled.
    Sean Marshall: B. I always liked him in the rotation, and hope he returns.
    Carmen Pignatiello: F. Just not good enough.
    Kevin Hart: D. Has alright stuff, but just doesn't get the job done.


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      Derrek Lee: A+ He's been red hot and leads the club in almost every major hitting category. Don't know what else you could ask of him.
      Daryle Ward: D Pinch hitter who isn't hitting and can't play the field reliably. I think he'll get his bat in gear, but April was an ugly month for Ward.
      Mark DeRosa: B+ His hit nicely and been flexible enough to play a few positions, but depending on where he's at his defense is either merely acceptable or at worst shakey.
      Mike Fontenot: D- Not producing at all. Lacks defensive flexibility also. We don't need a weak bat that can only play second.
      Ryan Theriot: B He's hitting for a nice average, but his defense continues to be an issue and his success in stealing (7 of 12) needs to improve.
      Ronny Cedeno: A Limited time,but he's been impressive with some stellar AB's. Defensive upgrade over Theriot too.
      Aramis Ramirez: B+ After the slow start he's heated up and now has a 150 OPS+. He's not a Gold Glover at third, but with his bat he doesn't need to be.

      Alfonso Soriano: D Slow start, already been injured, still insists on batting lead off. He'll improve, but he's still probably only the 4th best player on the team (5th if you count Z).
      Matt Murton: C- Hasn't had much playing time, but hasn't produce when he has gotten in. With 3 middle infielders hitting well (DeRosa, Cedano, Theriot) and Johnson a pleasant surprise so far, it may be a while before Murton gets regular playing time, if he ever does this season.
      Reed Johnson: B- Not the best glove in center and hasn't shown any power (his only extra base hits are 3 doubles), but he's done a nice job as a table setter.
      Felix Pie: C- Ugly at the plate so far. Great defense and speed is keeping him with the club right now.
      Kosuke Fukudome: A Shown a little bit of everthing. He hits for average and gets on base, he can drive the ball, he's got a good glove and a good arm and some solid baserunning instincts. Stellar overall package thus far.

      Geovanny Soto: A+. Wow! In addition to all the offensive fireworks he's a nice defensive catcher too.
      Henry Blanco: A Still a great defensive catcher and his offensive has been nice so far in limited action. Perfect backup catcher in many ways.

      Carlos Zambrano: A+ He's been lights out so far. Hopefully this is the year he jumps to the next level and puts together a season for the ages.
      Ted Lilly: F I wasn't a huge fan of signing a mediocre inning eater like Lilly in the first place, but he surprised me last year. I thought he'd be solid if not as good this year, but I was WRONG. He's been a disaster so far.
      Ryan Dempster: B Getting it done so far. Walks remain a concern, but that's normal for Demp. I think he'll come back down to earth some, but should be a solid, dependable starter.
      Rich Hill: C He's had some rough starts, but he's also pitched his way out of a few jams and gutted out a few decent outtings when he clearly hasn't had his best stuff yet. I don't understand skipping his turn in the rotation. Lilly is a much bigger concern thus far.
      Jason Marquis: B-. If he pitches around this level for the rest of the season we can't complain considering he's a 5th starter (overpaid, but yes a fifth starter). He's overcome the flu and still done his job, so bonus points for that.

      Kerry Wood: B He's looked pretty good overall, but an 80% save conversion rate needs to improve. And I think it will.
      Carlos Marmol: A+ Just like last year, he's been filthy so far.
      Bob Howry: C. He's been a flop so far. I cringe when he comes into the game. I still have hopes he can turn around and produce a decent season when its all said and done.
      Michael Wuertz: C Maddenly inconsistent so far.
      Jon Lieber: A+ Maybe the bullpen MVP with his work in long relief. If Lilly continues to struggle, Lieber should get the call.
      Sean Marshall: B Limited action so far, but he's been effective. I wouldn't mind seeing him get another crack at the rotation.
      Carmen Pignatiello: NA Two thirds of an inning isn't enough to grade anyone on.
      Kevin Hart: C- Good stuff, but needs to work on his control. Could join Marmol as a setup guy if he throws more strikes.
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        Derrek Lee: A+
        Daryle Ward: D+
        Mark DeRosa: B+
        Mike Fontenot: D
        Ryan Theriot: B+
        Ronny Cedeno: A-
        Aramis Ramirez: B

        Alfonso Soriano: C
        Matt Murton: C
        Reed Johnson: B
        Felix Pie: C
        Kosuke Fukudome: A+

        Geovanny Soto: A
        Henry Blanco: B+

        Carlos Zambrano: A+
        Ted Lilly: C-
        Ryan Dempster: B
        Rich Hill: C+
        Jason Marquis: B

        Kerry Wood: B+
        Carlos Marmol: A-
        Bob Howry: C-
        Michael Wuertz: C-
        Jon Lieber: A
        Sean Marshall: B
        Carmen Pignatiello: D-
        Kevin Hart: D+
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