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Prior/Wood Officially Placed on DL

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  • Prior/Wood Officially Placed on DL

    Not that this comes as any great surprise, but it's official that both pitchers will start the season on the DL. Both would be eligible to come off on April 10, but it sounds as though we'll wait at least a couple weeks after that. It doesn't come as any great surprise to hear this news, but it's just not the way I would have liked to feel heading into the season...I'm just not at all excited about this team right now, and their chances of doing anything in 2006. h

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    well, unless something else happens to woody, i expect him back the last week in april. who knows with prior.

    and woody was never going to be anywhere BUT the dl to open the season. they originally expected him sometime mid/late april.


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      I know, it's just getting frustrating to see the same thing happen year in and year out. Let's just hope that Maddux is as good in April as he has been this spring, and that Rusch gets a few breaks from a wind blowing in at Wrigley in the early going so we can overcome these injuries. But the way the Cubs have looked at the plate in the past week, I'm not sure that even that will be enough. I have a feeling that a 9-14 record in April is all too realistic a possibility.


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        I, for one, am sick and tired of watching these two cash checks for sitting on the DL.
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          Shouldn't they just call the DL the "Wood and Prior" list? h

          Seriously, though. . . although I'm a Red Sox fan, it kills me to see those two go on the DL. I'd be interested in knowing how many games the Cubs have played where neither one has been out.


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            CHICAGO--In an informal poll of Major League ballplayers conducted by Sports Illustrated, Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood was voted the player most likely to have a surgical procedure named after him. Players cited his recent knee surgery as well as his two shoulder surgeries as reasons why he was the most likely candidate to be immortalized in surgery.

            Cubs manager Dusty Baker agreed with the results of the poll.

            “Yes, definitely. Kerry would’ve been my choice, too,” said Baker, who has been frustrated by Woods’ frequent trips to the disabled list. “I can definitely see Kerry up there in the pantheon with Tommy John. Someday in the future, when a player has his arm sawed off and replaced by a metal rod with a baseball-gripping claw at the end of it, they’ll say they had Kerry Wood surgery.”

            Rest of story
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