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    Like who? Guzman and Kevin Gregg? Guzman is a guy who I like, but as for quality power arms, Guzman and a wild Marmol is it as far as actual legitimate arms go. That comes far from a zillion.


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      I'll believe he is a consistent quality arm when he actually does it consistently.


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        Originally posted by Ubiquitous View Post
        I'll believe he is a consistent quality arm when he actually does it consistently.
        Same can be said about Jake Fox, I'll believe he's a quality bat when he can actually be consistent.
        What a Batted Ball is Worth (in terms of a run):
        Line Drive: .356
        HBP: .342
        Non-Intentional Walk: .315
        Intentional Walk: .176
        Outfield Fly: .035
        Groundball: -.101
        Bunts: -.103
        Infield Fly: -.243
        Strikeout: -.287
        It's now officially Doctor Bob Sacamento, D.C., C.S.C.S., and working on my D.A.B.C.O. (Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedics)


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          Sandberg to manage AAA Iowa

          DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Chicago Cubs say Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg will manage Triple-A Iowa next season.

          Sandberg managed the Double-A Tennessee Smokies in 2009. The 50-year-old Sandberg spent the previous two seasons managing Class A Peoria.

          Sandberg spent 15 season in the majors, most of those with the Cubs. Sandberg won nine Gold Gloves, was a 10-time National League All-Star and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005.

          At Iowa, Sandberg replaces Bobby Dickerson, who is now with the Baltimore Orioles organization.


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            Originally posted by Bob Sacamento View Post
            Same can be said about Jake Fox, I'll believe he's a quality bat when he can actually be consistent.
            lets see what happens when the league adjusts to him. he still has exploitable holes in his swing.


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              Originally posted by Bob Sacamento View Post
              Same can be said about Jake Fox, I'll believe he's a quality bat when he can actually be consistent.
              The Cubs have arms in their system they don't have bats. If you are going to trade away something you don't have a lot of you don't trade it away for something you have a lot of.


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                Cubs take Mike Parisi in Rule 5 Draft

                In today's Rule 5 draft, the Cubs surprised me by not only making a pick, but making an odd selection of a righty starting pitcher who was hurt all of last season.

                Meet Mike Parisi, a 26 year old swingman from New York. Parisi was gone for most of last year recovering from Tommy John surgery, but returned late in the season and was at full strength for the Arizona Fall League.

                I see the thinking here by Cubs brass, who apparently like the idea of a stealing a guy with "MLB experience" (a pretty lousy 23 innings) from a division rival and seeing what they can get from him.

                If he shows up this spring and looks great, he could fit in as a fill-in starter/mop-up pitcher for the Cubs behind Zambrano, Lilly, Dempster, Wells, and Gorzelanny. I think those 5 and Sean Marshall are all better pitchers than him though so I don't see it, but the worst case here is that they send him back to the Cardinals with minimal loss.

                Harry Pavlidis at CubsFX had an interesting interview up with Parisi in very timely fashion, and you can find that here. (a Cardinals minor league blog) also ran an article talking about his AFL PitchFX results just a couple days ago, so you can get an idea of what he throws there.

                To summarize, Parisi throws a low-90's fastball and complements it with an average curveball and a fairly new cutter. He doesn't generate many swings and misses, but showed good control in Arizona and a penchant for groundballs, the result of keeping the ball down in the zone.

                Statistically, he wasn't a world beater before his injury, posting ERA's of 4.60 and 4.91 in his first go-rounds of AA and AAA respectively. His control has been average to below-average through his career, but like I mentioned looked markedly better in the AFL. His career strikeout rates have been in the neighborhood of 6-7 K/9 IP, which is again average to below-average.

                He also looked very hittable in 2005-2007, averaging about 10 H/9 IP, a pretty bad number. His most successful year, 2008 in AAA where he posted a 3.86 ERA, appears to be the result of getting lucky on some balls in play, as his H/9 dipped to about 8.6 that year. Parisi did earn a promotion based on his work that season though, and was pounded by MLB'ers to the tune of 24 runs in 23 innings.

                Overall, I don't love this pickup at all, and I really have a hard time picturing him being a contributor to the Cubs at all, especially with some of the other options available. I would think Mitch Atkins and Esmailin Caridad could easily fill the same role this year, and have more flexibility with options remaining. And again, I think Sean Marshall is much better than Parisi.

                But again, there's no downside here, and if nothing else it hurts the Cardinals, asI believe Parisi will become a free agent if the Cubs don't keep him based on the Cards having outrighted him from the roster in the past (not positive on this though).



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                  Cubs trade for Arismendy Mota

        's Carrie Muskat says the Cubs acquired righty Arismendy Mota from the Nationals for cash considerations. Mota was taken by the Nats from the White Sox with the first pick of the Triple A phase of the Rule 5 draft yesterday.



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                    I'd thought Mota had actually done rather well in the White Sox system last year.


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                      Cubs non-tender Neal Cotts

                      CHICAGO — Left-hander Neal Cotts became a free agent when the Chicago Cubs failed to offer a 2010 contract.

                      A left-hander who turns 30 in March, Cotts struggled with his consistency and ability to get lefty hitters out this year, going 0-2 with a 7.36 ERA in 19 appearances before he was demoted to Triple-A on May 27. He was 1-1 with a 2.84 ERA in 12 minor league appearances and had elbow ligament replacement surgery July 2.

                      Cotts, who made $1.1 million this year, spent the past three seasons with the Cubs. He spent the previous four seasons across town with the White Sox and helped them win the 2005 World Series, when he appeared in all four games. He has not allowed a run in eight career postseason appearances.



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                        Cubs trade Milton Bradley to Mariners for Carlos Silva

                        SEATTLE — Mercurial outfielder Milton Bradley was traded to the Seattle Mariners from the Chicago Cubs on Friday for expensive and underperforming pitcher Carlos Silva.

                        The dual dumping, which came together in 48 hours, got rid of headaches for each team — yet has the potential of creating new ones in each city.

                        Chicago also received $9 million from the Mariners as part of the swap. Silva has $25 million remaining on his contract and Bradley has $22 million left on his deal.

                        Chicago has been wanting to trade Bradley since the Cubs suspended him for the final two weeks of last season, shortly after he criticized the atmosphere surrounding a team that hasn't won a World Series since 1908.

                        General manager Jim Hendry said Friday he regrets signing the fiery outfielder to a $30 million, three-year contract. Bradley hit just .257 with 40 RBIs last season.

                        "I bear the responsibility for that not working out," Hendry said during a conference call. "Obviously, in this case, it did not work out how we planned, which was also the reason I sent Milton home. (That's) not going to be tolerated, to treat our fans, teammates and members of the media the way he did.

                        "It's just time to put it behind us and move forward."

                        Seattle, which has never even appeared in a World Series, didn't expect to find a suitor for Silva. He has done little except lose and get hurt in the two seasons since he signed a $48 million, four-year contract.

                        Silva won five games in two years with the Mariners. They will now pay more to Chicago to shed the albatross of a contract second-year Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik inherited from predecessor Bill Bavasi.

                        Zduriencik's third splashy move in three days was to add more offense following his acquisition of ace Cliff Lee in a trade with Philadelphia and the signing All-Star infielder Chone Figgins.

                        After years of run-ins, Bradley was suspended for one game last season after arguing with umpire Larry Vanover when he was called out on strikes with the bases loaded April 16. That, by the way, was his first at-bat at Wrigley Field as a Cub.

                        In June, he got sent home by manager Lou Piniella during a game against the White Sox after he threw his helmet and attacked a water cooler following a popout. The Cubs finally decided they had enough in September, after he criticized the team in a suburban newspaper.

                        Seattle believes clubhouse leader Ken Griffey Jr. and Figgins will be able to rein in Bradley's "passion" in a productive way. The Mariners repeatedly have proclaimed they want players of high character with good attitudes, citing Figgins as the latest example on Tuesday.

                        They also wanted another bat.

                        "We were in search of a middle-of-the-lineup guy for quite some time," Zduriencik said.

                        Seattle's GM characterized Bradley's fire as a passion to win. He said he got nothing but good reports on Bradley going back his minor-league career a decade ago. Zduriencik specifically relied upon the input from two former coaches of Bradley: current Mariners bench coach Ty Van Burkleo, who was with Bradley in Oakland in 2007, and performance coach Steve Hecht, who had the outfielder in Texas in 2008.

                        The 31-year-old Bradley was an All-Star that year as a designated hitter with the Rangers. He led the AL in on-base percentage while batting a career high-tying .321 during a relatively event-free year. That was followed by the tumultuous season with the Cubs.

                        "It's a new day, new way for this guy," Zduriencik said.

                        He said Bradley will likely play left field and perhaps share designated hitter with Griffey on a team that last season went 85-77 following a 101-loss year.

                        "What we know is that he is a good person, that he is a very intelligent guy, that he has a strong desire to win," Zduriencik said.

                        Zduriencik said Bradley told him Friday morning, "When I saw the Seattle thing I said, `OK, this would be fun.'"

                        "He realizes where we're headed here, and he wants to be a part of it," Zduriencik said. "We're going to welcome him with open arms."

                        The hefty, 30-year-old Silva appeared in eight games for Seattle this year while missing most of the season with a bad pitching shoulder, after he had devoted himself to yoga and a better diet. He went from 285 pounds to 250, yet was a 1-3 with an 8.60 ERA.

                        Silva was 5-18 with a 6.81 ERA in two seasons with Seattle after leaving Minnesota.

                        "I think this deal helps us in a lot of ways," Hendry said of his Cubs. "Hopefully, Mr. Silva will get back to where he was a few years ago. He was a quality free agent when he left the Twins."



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                          If I was the Cubs my next move would be to cut Carlos Silva.


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                            Named Marty Pevey catching coordinator.



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                              Acquired: RHP Arismendy Mota from Nationals for cash considerations
                              Rule 5 selection: RHP Miguel Sierra (Rays, AAA)



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                                I love the Bradley trade, even though they're really not getting much, if anything in return for him. However, being in a smaller, more distant market should be good for Milton, so fewer people will be hearing him call everyone racist. That should be great for him, and he can also be a DH again, which should also help him. For the Cubs, I'm nowhere near counting on Silvia for anything, but hey, if he's healthy he might actually be able to be a decent 5th starter or possibly even a bullpen pitcher. Either way, he supposedly brings a good attitude and strong work ethic, which is much better than what Bradley brought off the field.


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