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2010 Chicago Cubs Season

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  • Although I'm a big Ryno fan I think Mike Quade has earned himself a shot at the helm next season. Finishing up at something like 24-13 under his leadership can't be just a fluke or due to weak competition. I hope Sandberg would understand and accept this. Having him in the farm system and broadening his knowledge of the players there wouldn't be a bad thing for the future anyway. I just hope he wouldn't get poached by another team offering him a major league team. I just think it would be a little foolish to overlook Quade's results.


    • I like Quade. At the same time Quade got results when the season no longer mattered. I think he's in the mix, but it doesn't change who I think the top candidates are.


      • Here is my normal yearly process of being a Cub fan. During the offseason my "battery" charges until it is fully charged by opening day and I am filled with hopes of "maybe this year...". As the season goes on the energy in my battery is expended as the Cubs roller coaster, but eventually tank. By the time the season ends, my battery is empty and I am spent.

        This year was different. When it started I didn't have my usual deluded fantasies. And by the end of it, I wasn't surprised by the results, everything seemed to happen in the way I felt it would.

        Oh well. I think it's going to be another few years before we have a contender. And that depends on how serious the new ownership is willing to take things.

        Time to plug in the battery for recharging. Enjoy your winter, friends.


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