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  • The All-Time Cubs Team

    In case you aren't aware, there are polls scattered throughout the forum asking who your all-time pick is for that certain position. Since there are several of them I will post the current results in this thread:

    Gabby Hartnett (22) - 81.5%
    Randy Hundley (2) - 7.4%
    Jody Davis (2) - 7.4%

    First Base
    Cap Anson (15) - 46.9%
    Mark Grace (12) - 37.5%
    Bill Buckner (2) - 6.3%
    Frank Chance (2) - 6.3%
    Joe Pepitone (1) - 3.1%

    Second Base
    Ryne Sandberg (31) - 93.9%
    Glenn Beckert (1) - 3.0%
    Billy Herman (1) - 3.0%

    Third Base
    Ron Santo (21) - 100%

    Ernie Banks (27) - 87.1%
    Shawon Dunston (2) - 6.5%
    Don Kessinger (1) - 3.2%
    Joe Tinker (1) - 3.2%

    Right Field
    Sammy Sosa (19) - 79.2%
    Andre Dawson (3) - 12.5%
    King Kelly (2) - 8.3%

    Center Field
    Hack Wilson (18) - 85.7%
    Andy Pafko (2) - 9.2%

    Left Field
    Billy Williams (20) - 100%

    Fergie Jenkins (28) - 90.3%
    Three Finger Brown (25) - 80.7%
    Greg Maddux (20) - 64.2%
    Hippo Vaughn (13) - 41.9%
    Rick Sutcliffe (12) - 38.7%
    Pete Alexander (11) - 35.5%
    Ed Reulbach (10) - 32.3%
    Charlie Root (6) - 19.4%
    Kerry Wood (3) - 9.7%
    Rick Reuschel (2) - 6.5%
    Lou Warneke (2)- 6.5%
    Bill Lee (2) - 6.5%
    Sheriff Blake (1) - 3.2%
    Larry Corcoran (1) - 3.2%
    Dick Ellsworth (1) - 3.2%
    Clark Griffith (1) - 3.2%
    Claude Passeau (1) - 3.2%
    Bob Rush (1) - 3.2%
    Jack Pfiester (1) - 3.2%

    Bruce Sutter (12) - 50.0%
    Lee Smith (10) - 41.7%
    Randy Myers (1) - 4.2%
    Mitch Williams (1) - 4.2%

    Cap Anson (8) - 44.4%
    Frank Chance (8) - 44.4%
    Leo Durocher (1) - 5.6%
    Don Zimmer (1) - 5.6%

    You can click on the links and vote if you'd like and add comments in this thread regarding the Cubs all-time team.
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    Interesting totals. It appears that the pitchers and managers were the only hotly contested races.


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      Whoever voted last only voted for one starting when you're supposed to vote for five. It kind of throws off the poll. Also, I'd like to hear why Jody Davis got a vote over Gabby Hartnett.
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        I'm confused as to why Frank Chance got no votes at 1B. I'd be at least tempted to vote him over Anson, and certainly over Grace and Buckner. Also disappointed at the showing for Charlie Root, and Larry Corcoran (who I'd rate third overall on the pitching list, behind Brown and Ruelbach).
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          I believe you're Corcoran's lone vote.
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            having fun with this

            I would think I would like just to have an all time fun team, no regard to position, kinda like a pick-up softball game, so to wit, my entries:

            Jody Davis
            Joe Pepitone
            Ernie Banks
            Roe Skidmore
            Rod Beck (the Shooter)
            Fergie Jenkins
            Kyle Farnsworth (loved the pants)
            Jose Cardinal
            Matt Stairs
            Dave "Kong" Kingman
            Ron Santo
            Dick "Dirt" Tidrow
            Mike "Koo-Koo" Krukow

            just sit back and watch it unwind..

            The coach, "The college of coaches"

            Diana sends


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              Maddux #3?

              Hmm ... Maddux is the 3rd best Cub pitcher ever according to the poll. Maddux is a great pitcher, but most of his greatness was with Braves. I wouldn't rate him that high.

              Here's how Lee Sinins ranks Cubs pitchers, using the measure "runs saved above average," which essentially compares a pitcher's performance with the average performance for that pitcher's league and era:

              RSAA RSAA
              1 John Clarkson 261
              2 Three Finger Brown 252
              3 Clark Griffith 227
              4 Ferguson Jenkins 201
              5 Larry Corcoran 188
              6 Grover C Alexander 179
              7 Bill Hutchison 164
              8 Lon Warneke 158
              9 Hippo Vaughn 148
              10 Charlie Root 144
              T11 Rick Reuschel 130
              T11 Bill Hands 130
              13 Claude Passeau 127
              14 Ed Reulbach 121
              15 Greg Maddux 97

              I left the 19th century guys in regular type, because they really aren't comparable to the rest. Maddux still comes out as just the 11th best modern Cub using this measure.

              I have to confess I like Sinins' list because Bill Hands ranks so high. One of my favorite Cub pitchers.
              Danny Gardella, RIP


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                Mark Twain said once:

                There are three classes of Lies


                Da*ned Lies

                and Statistics.

                Diana the Lit major says....



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                  How many third baseman have the Cubs had since Ron Santo? Here is a partial list off the top of my head:

                  Ron Cey
                  Kevin Orie
                  Keith Moreland
                  Vance Law
                  Luis Salazar
                  Jose Hernandez
                  Aramis Ramirez

                  There are alot of holes in this list. Just a bit curious...


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                    Originally posted by couldbeadumbass
                    How many third baseman have the Cubs had since Ron Santo? Here is a partial list off the top of my head:
                    Ron Cey
                    Kevin Orie
                    Keith Moreland
                    Vance Law
                    Luis Salazar
                    Jose Hernandez
                    Aramis Ramirez
                    Cubs have run through a lot of third basemen since those days. Others (not all "regulars"):

                    Shane Andrews
                    Carmen Fanzone
                    Gary Gaetti
                    Leo Gomez
                    Billy Grabarkewitz
                    Willie Greene
                    Dave Hansen
                    Lenny Harris
                    Richie Hebner
                    Tyler Houston
                    Terry Hughes
                    Garry Jestadt
                    Howard Johnson
                    Danny Klassen
                    Cole Liniak
                    Bill Madlock
                    Dave Magadan
                    Bill Mueller
                    Steve Ontiveros
                    Len Randle
                    Ken Reitz
                    Wade Rowdon
                    Gary Scott
                    Mike Sember
                    Tommy Shields
                    Chris Snopek
                    Chris Stynes
                    Todd Zeile

                    Stan Musial Pages
                    CultureDose Media Reviews


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                      Well, the total number of people who played 3rd since Santo is over 100 now I am sure, since it was at 99 last spring...


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                        Yeah, for instance I am pretty sure Neifi played some third last year for the Cubs, and I am pretty sure Macias did as well.
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                          FYI, I just updated the above percentages and rankings.
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                            Jesus Christ this is one scary lineup. I think this competes easily with the Yankees' 'best'. Oh, and give me Anson at 1b and Mark Grace would be the first man off the bench, a'la 2004 Todd Hollandsworth
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                              Updated again.
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