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  • Cubs May in review

    The Cubs were 2 games under for April and in May they did it again winning two games less than they won. So now they are 4 games under and 6 back. Sure it is possible they could come back but it isn't bloody likely. They got two teams in front of them for the division and another 5 teams ahead of them for the Wild Card. We just hit June but the Cubs are basically playing for a winning record from here on out.

    We probably didn't think it was possible and probably everybody thought it wouldn't happen but the Cubs offense in May was actually worse than the Cubs offense in April. Despiter playing four less games in April than in May the Cubs managed to score 4 less runs overall in May. The Cubs offense averaged an anemic 3.86 runs per game. The pitching was largely the same with just a slight uptick in runs per game. Unfortunately that means the bullpen still sucked and the starters were slightly less fantastic than they were in April.

    Big Hitters for the month:
    Alfonso Soriano: .308/.376/.626 with 9 doubles, 1 triple, and 6 homers
    and then. . . . .crickets.
    Well, technically Mike Fontenot and Tyler Colvin had a good month but since they were not platoon partners their minimal amount of PA doesn't really add up to one starter's worth of plate appearances.
    Mike Fontenot: .347/.407/.633 with 5 doubles, 3 triples, and a homer in 54 PA
    Tyler Colvin: .333/.367/.667 with 3 doubles and 2 homers in 30 PA.

    Slumping Hitters for the month
    Aramis Ramirez: .173/.241/.253 with 3 doubles and a homer in 83 PA
    Ryan Theriot: .238/.259/.248 with 1 freakin double
    Geovany Soto: .200/.333/.329 with 3 doubles and 2 homers in 84 PA

    But really pretty much all the hitters could be in this category. Byrd has been slumping the last couple of weeks, Fukudome is doing is yearly bat migration, and Lee can't put it together.

    Big Pitchers for the month
    Ted Lilly: 3.21 ERA in 33.2 innings to along with a 1.13 WHIP in 5 starts but thanks to the Cubs offense he is 0-3 for the month. He has gone 6 innings or more in all 5 of his starts so far and has only given up more than 3 runs in a start once and that was 4 runs in 7 innings at the beginning of the month. I thought Ted Lilly was a mediocre FA signing when they got him but Hendry snagged himself a pretty good starter with his purchase of Lilly

    Sean Marshall: 2 earned runs in 13.33 innings of work so far. Lou really should be getting this guy more work. He only appeared in 4 games this month and for a bullpen that sucks this bad I'm surprised he isn't riding Marshall more. He is just as effective against righties this year as he is against lefties and this a guy they could definitely let go for more than an innings worth of work.

    Carlos Marmol: 3 earned runs in 13 innings of work over 13 games. Again, Lou needs to break from the norm. What is the point of having a setup guy and a closer if you can barely ever use them because your middle relief is blowing the game wide open before you can even get to these guys?

    Carlos Silva: People would probably question why he isn't here if I leave him off so he is here. 5-0 in 6 starts this month but I'd say he has only pitched 1 gem so far this month and that was his last start. The beginning of the month saw him get de-BRACKINed and everyone thinking he was going back to his old ways but his next 3 starts put him solidly back into the middle of the rotation type pitcher. A solid #3 or #4 guy.

    After that you have some hit or misses. James Russell has been pretty solid but it did give up that lead off homer today. It wouldn't have been a big deal except that the Cubs can't score runs and so it help kill the Cubs. Other than that 3 runs in 13 innings but all three runs were homers so that is troubling.

    Slumping Pitchers for the month:
    John F'in Grabow: ugh, thank god Hendry has buried him on the DL. Hopefully he never comes off it and another one of his stupid multiyear crap signings.
    Pretty much the entire back end of the bullpen. Berg, Gray, Zambrano. . .

    Randy Wells has had some solid starts and some bad starts. I guess Gorz got the boot because the Cubs believe Wells is a nice cheap future for them and why scuttle that over a little inconsistency.

    Nice future:
    Randy Wells
    Starlin Castro

    Both have been pretty good at times and both have struggled. Both are being given the chance to make it and both appear to be making the most of it. It will be interesting to see what Castro does the rest of the year and unfortunately that might be the only interesting thing to watch the rest of the year. He has already gone through a slump this year and has bounced back nicely. I'm sure it'll happen more as the season wears on but hopefully he can keep himself from cratering.

    Things to watch in June:
    Starlin Castro

    Second Base:
    With Castro being installed at short the Cubs moved Ryan over to second and put Fontenot on the bench. At the time Theriot was red hot and Fontenot was scuffling. Since then Theriot has cratered and Fontenot has been hitting the ball well. As much as I have been against Fontenot in the past Lou should stick with his tendency of giving the hot hand the start. Fontenot should be getting as many at bats as possible until he cools off and with Aramis and Theriot slumping badly there should be no shortage of at bats for him. Which leads to the third thing to watch. . . .

    Aramis Ramirez:
    I think the question now isn't when will Aramis snap out of this but just how bad will it be and can Aramis put up the worst season all time for a guy who is a solid bet to put up a mid 120 to mid 130 OPS+ year in year out.

    The Two Carlos (okay how do you make Carlos plural?):
    How long can one keep this up and can the other one can get it going again and is this some sort of ying tang thing where in order for one to be good the other is bad?

    The Schedule:
    In years past looking at a schedule and seeing you got 5 games with the Pirates coming up would generally make Cubs' fans very happy. Unfortunately that hasn't been true this year. On paper June should be a pretty easy month for them. They got 20 games aginst the White Sox, Pirates, Astros, Mariners, and Brewers. They have only 6 games against teams with a better record than them and they are the Angels and A's and both of those teams are struggling to score runs as well. Like I said on paper that is an easy schedule but the reality might be different for the Cubs. As mentioned already the Cubs have struggled mightily against the Pirates, the White Sox games are always see-saw affairs, and depending on how you want to view those AL West teams could be just as good as the Cubs to much better than them.

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