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The Return of Kerry Wood

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  • The Return of Kerry Wood

    So we drop 1.5 million on another has-been for a year as a stop-gap. Nothing personal against Kerry Wood but his best is long long behind him. The only questions are what month he'll go on the disabled list (for the first time) and whether it'll be of the 15-day or 60-day variety. Why go out and get a power pitcher without much power left? Why do the Cubs seem to love guys with wild streaks and control problems? I admit it gets the blood pumping to see a reliever come in and walk the bases full before striking out the side ... but not in a good way. What do you think? Will Kerry Wood add value to the bullpen, stay healthy, be a positive clubhouse leader, mentor some youngsters ... or collect his 1.5 million while nursing a sore wing on the bench for half the year?

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    I'm happy to see him back. No, he's not what he once was, but he can at least be a solid addition to a bullpen that often really needed something solid last season. I don't expect him to be anything amazing, but I think he can be a guy who, when healthy, can be reliable when brought in. Considering he's coming at a low price and for only a year, how can you really complain?


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      I think they realize they have a young team and lower expectations. Kerry Wood is a good guy and a Cubby through and through. Even though his better days are behind him, his leadership/experience will be quite helpful with young guys on the pitching staff. That's my guess as to why they signed him.


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        Agreed. I have to bite my tongue a little at my original phrasing. I do believe he came back to the Cubs because he has always been a Cub at heart and I truly do appreciate that. The price isn't going to hurt us and it certainly isn't a long term obligation. He probably could have gotten more money or years somewhere else, so hopefully that says something about his desire to be a hard-working and productive member of this team. His unreliable health and sporadic lapses into wildness drive me nuts though! But I have to agree that $1 million is justified for the overall package that he brings to Wrigley and I'm sure he will be a positive mentoring force in the bullpen. He is a class act and I welcome him back earnestly. (My original post was mostly venting over the direction we seemed to be going with Pena and Wood ... not longer term solutions.)


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          The long term solutions are Castro, Soto, Brett Jackson, Hak-Ju Lee, Cashner, Archer, maybe Colvin and a couple of others down on the farm. The Cubs farm system is and has been developing a bunch of players that are going to help the Cubs win games down the road.

          As for Pena, like I said earlier, next year you have Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols, and probably Adrian Gonzalez all as free agents. I'd be happy with two of those options for long term answers for first base.


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