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Cubs' 2011 Prediction Thread

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  • Cubs' 2011 Prediction Thread

    I don't really have time to do a detailed look at the Cubs this year so here are some quick snippets.

    87 wins give or take 2 wins.

    Castillo will do nothing special in the minors.

    Zambrano will be a CYA contender

    Aramis will be the best hitter the Cubs have.

    Pena will hit .280ish and hit 30+ homers.

    Colvin will regress mightily.

    Second base will be an offensive mess all year round.

    Soriano will get hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold.

    Castro will be an asset at SS. Nothing spectacular but he'll justify his presence on the everyday lineup.

    Garza will be the new Jason Marquis.

    Cashner will fail as a starter.

    Soto will play about 120 games, some of them healthy and Hill will hit like crap.

    Brett Jackson will be this year's Cub ROY contender.

    People will complain about Fukudome but he will continue to put up solid numbers against righties.

    Jay Jackson will be in the majors this year and put up a 4.75 or so ERA.

    Dempster gives the Cubs another solid season.

    Marmol puts up another great year for a reliever.

    Kerry goes on the DL at some point this season but despite that the Cubs have one of the best bullpens in the majors.

    Wells will be a solid #3 or #4 guy.

    Byrd will quietly put up another solid season.

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    Originally posted by Ubiquitous View Post
    Soriano will get hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold.

    Hill will hit like crap.
    Those aren't predictions. Those are things you can count on, like the sun rising in the east.


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      I'd take 87 wins out of this club, and I wouldn't argue with your prediction there, Ubiquitous. As soon as I saw the thread title, I thought somewhere just above .500. I think that's a nice goal for this team and one that allows them to take a bigger step the following year.

      Castro is going to make a name for himself this year at the plate.

      Barney will turn into the every day second baseman.

      Pena will struggle (I'm rooting for the guy, but I'm a pessimist there).

      Colvin will start a lot of games at 1B, have a nice offensive year and the Cubs will not have a need to find a 1B in free agency.


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        I guess we're the only ones here bold enough to predict anything before the season starts, Ubiquitous. I thought this thread was a great idea.


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          I'm still getting a handle on the team this year: last year I thought I had them down preety well but things weren't a lot of fun the 1st 4 monthes, so I'm playing my hand carefully this go 'round.

          I have a rule of thumb: on a team that producestwo decent rookies in the same year, one will amount to something and the other has preety much already peaked.
          Between Castro and Colvin, which will be which?
          I 'm guessing Castro, being younger, will grow to a preety fine player.

          Which Big Z will we get? The one of the 1st half last year, or the second half? We get the 2nd half one, we'll be in good shape.

          Did anyone look at those last 37 games the cubs had last year, the "Quade games"?
          What was happening that wasn't happening earlier in the season?
          That might give us a clue as what to expect this year...


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            Way to go out on a limb, my friend!


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              I think the Cubs will eventually let Silva go.


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                Not a chance....


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                  3rd place finish. Maybe 4th.


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                    Originally posted by nightotter View Post
                    3rd place finish. Maybe 4th.
                    Who do you will be 1 & 2 in the division? Cincinnati and Milwaukee or some other combination?


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                      Perhaps I am being too hasty. It's just a gut feeling. Four of the six teams have a shot at winning the division, I suppose. Maybe after the last decade I have learned to temper my expectations. I couldn't really say who would fill the 1 and 2 slot.


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                        OK. I do think that Cincy is the team everybody is gunning for this year. You're right. It's a wide open division.


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