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Cubs sign Dale Sveum

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  • Cubs sign Dale Sveum

    I suppose we'll see how this one ends up.
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    I suppose we will.


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      Time will tell, but just because there wasn't a lot of zing in this hire doesn't mean the fan base shouldn't get excited. This Front Office crew has been pretty successful in the past identifying good coaches. Francona was 1 and supposedly 2nd choice would have been a relatively unknown Joe Maddon for the BoSox. I'd say the Rays are happy with their choice.


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        I think he is an interim manager. Epstein knows that the first 3 years will be rebuild years without much winning so he needs a scapegoat for the losses. an experienced manager with a name wouldn't do this anybody with a brains knows that the 2012 and 2013 cubs will likely finish around or sub .500.

        Epstein wants to win it all in 5 or 6 years he doesn't care if next years team wins 75 or 80 (will never admit that of course since he wants to sell tickets).

        So he will do the rebuild and acquire as much young talent as possible and then signs a star manager when the team is ready to win in a couple of years.
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          If he needed a scapegoat for the losses, he could have kept Quade for the remainder of his contract. He didn't do that. Everybody knows they aren't aiming for winning the WS in Sveum's first year or even the second.


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            This one ranks up there as an absolute zero in the wow factor. The teams comes off a major flop of a season and this is the way to turn things around? Even for the long run? Might there be an already planned manager change down the road?


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              I'll say the same thing I said when the decision was made, I think it was a safe move. Sveum is a smart baseball guy, and I think he can be a very good manager, but if he doesn't, it's not like he's trying to take over in a year where the Cubs are trying to find that guy to get them over the top.


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