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Starlin Castro accused of sexuul misconduct

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    Originally posted by Joe33 View Post
    People have been known to get away with things, and people have been known to fabricate stories about all manner of things. No one here knows enough about the matter to comment with any authority.

    Hopefully Castro has a good season without these sorts of distractions.
    As someone who has met the accuser in the past (I'm treading lightly here, and unfortunately her past roommate is a White Sox fan who even told me he was going into his interview with the feds as a White Sox fan), I can easily come to a conclusion as to what happened, at least 1 of 2 situations. Either one has Castro as being totally innocent.


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      Yep I guess it didn't affect him too much because he had a pretty good year. Yeah when I first heard this story on The Score Am 670 they were going nuts about it.
      "(Shoeless Joe Jackson's fall from grace is one of the real tragedies of baseball. I always thought he was more sinned against than sinning." -- Connie Mack

      "I have the ultimate respect for Whitesox fans. They were as miserable as the Cubs and Redsox fans ever were but always had the good decency to keep it to themselves. And when they finally won the World Series, they celebrated without annoying every other fan in the country."--Jim Caple, ESPN (Jan. 12, 2011)


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