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    The way MLB network put together the Albert Almora segment of their draft coverage it would appear that the Cubs are making a statement about who they are going to pick under Theo and Jed.

    "Workaholic" and "work ethic" were terms emphasized throughout the package, and seems to be the message this regime wants send all the way through the Cubs system.

    Here's the link to the segment.

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    Saw a replay of that on MLB...looks like a good kid with a good head on his shoulders...lets hope it pans out


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      Scott Boras client.


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        With the new CBA, it's not going to matter as much as it had in the past that Scott Boras is the adviser. The Cubs an allocated 7.9 million and some change to spend on it's top 12 picks, with 3.6 of that pegged for Albert Almora. Sure Boras can advise to hold out for say 4 or 4.5 but there is no easy way around the allotted some of money (7.9 million) that the Cubs are allowed to spend. If you go over 5% then your taxed 75% of what you went over. Going over 10 - 25% of the allocated money then gets you taxed more and can even force forfeit of your future draft picks. So saying he's a Boras' client is not nearly as threatening as it used to be.
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          Signing deadline is this Friday. The Cubs can spend up to 3.5 million without penalty and up to 3.9 million without losing a draft pick. Almora is that last top 20 draftee to not sign.


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            Signed Wednesday, at the 3.9. I'm assuming most people who would be interested enough to read this thread know that already, but I thought the thread should be completed.

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              I'm excited to see what sort of progress Almora makes next season. When he was drafted I read a couple of reports that said that he was very advanced for a player his age. I don't expect him to be up in the big leagues by any means, but if he finished at AA with solid numbers there, not even anything great, I will be very optimistic about him.

              There's already enough reason to be optimistic with him.


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