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2013 - looking forward to most?

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  • 2013 - looking forward to most?

    Being that the upcoming season will not end well like 2012, what are you looking forward to?
    For me it would be a full season for rizzo, and hopefully seeing castro turn it around while improving his defensive decision-making

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    1. Full season of Anthony Rizzo - He was able to break out of that late slump late in the season, and it will be interesting to see how he is able to go about the full season with all of the trials and tribulations that come throughout the season. It'll be interesting to see what everything looks like once the end of the season comes around.

    2. Starlin's hitting approach and effectiveness - Castro started falling into a slump when he started to change his approach at the plate. However, it was a change that needed to happen. By the end of the season he was back to what he had been doing most of his career so far, but without swinging at so many bad pitches. I would love to see him pick up where he left off. We could see him be very effective if this happens.

    3. The Minor Leagues - More of a wanting to see how each player grows, at least the players we expect good things out of. I'm thinking that Junior Lake starts the season at AA, maybe AAA with his fall performance. I would love to see him eventually make his way up to Chicago by the end of the season, but it's really hard to tell with him. I can see him being one of those guys who has occasional great years and occasional terrible years. We'll see though, he's got a ton of talent. Javier Baez is the next of the group. He'll probably start at Daytona, maybe Tennessee, but probably Daytona. Either way, by the end of the season, best case scenario sees him popping his head into AAA. With Almora, we will probably see him start in Kane County and best case sees him ending his season in Tennessee. With Soler, he'll probably start in Daytona and best case sees him finishing in Iowa. With Vogelbach, even though he's obviously a future trade piece, I see him finishing the season as high as Daytona, maybe even touching Tennessee depending on how well he plays. Arodys Vizcaino, best case, finishes the season in the Cubs rotation, worst case finishes in the Cubs bullpen or hurt again. This is going to be fun to watch, especially since the prospects don't end there.

    4. Trade Deadline - Most likely the Cubs will be sellers and will have some pieces that other teams will be looking at. If the Cubs can score another trade like the Vizcaino trade, that will make for an awesome deadline. Hopefully they avoid the drama that the last deadline (or couple weeks leading up to it) brought to the team. If they're trading Soriano, make sure they're trading him to a team that he's willing to go to. Outside of that, I don't know of any other Cubs player with 10/5 rights. Still, there are a few players who can rake in a huge return to a team desperate enough at the deadline, and I expect to see the Cubs really dig with those guys.

    5. Hidden Gems - Will any of the Cubs offseason signings wind up being hidden gems? The two Scotts seem to be guys who are effective when healthy, and if Schierholtz can wind up being an effective, if not very good player. The bottom line is that when push comes to shove, other teams are on to the Cubs, but they'll be looking for that extra piece, and there's a good chance the Cubs will hold it and be able to get more than the player's worth. That, of course, is assuming that piece winds up performing, at very least, up to expectations.


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      I could see glimpses as to why theo kept bringing rizzo everywhere he went it seems...he gives fans something to look forward you said, i also hope castro has worked things seems like he is bored or distracted at times...i worry that brett jackson may never pan out as he seems to strike out too much


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        Rizzo's the perfect likable star on a team. I mean, beyond just about anyone else that any other team in the history of sports has ever had. First off, he's a kid that is respectful to veterans on his own team and on other teams. Everyone likes that. Second off, he's a good player with a ton of natural talent. To follow that up, he's a cancer survivor. I don't know a single person who hasn't been touched in some way by cancer in their lives. I've lost multiple family members from cancer, and I currently have a friend who is battling stage 4 lung cancer (yes, I know her chances). Cancer is a disease that is dear to too many of us, and therefore it resonates in all of us a little bit more. Still though, like I mentioned before, Rizzo has all of the makeups of a likable superstar player beyond that, like a Derrick Rose or Jonathan Toews.


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          Originally posted by John Shoemaker View Post
          I'm looking forward to Alex Rodriguez coming back after the All-Star break and having a great second half of the season.
          Why is this posted in the cubs thread?


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            Originally posted by Cap78 View Post
            Why is this posted in the cubs thread?
            I have a feeling Johhny Shoes saw this in the "What's New" tab and didn't realize it was a Cubs thread lol
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