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    Originally posted by Whitesoxnut
    So making one mistake justifies making another one? The only "Judas's" are in the Tribune/Cub conglomerate. But, that's me. Ive lived in this phony town way to long to follow anyone, or anything, blindly.

    Let me ask you this, and answer truthfully. If Baker was white do you think he would have lasted this long in Chicago? Would there still be talk about bringing him back? And would a Liberal/Democratic Governor, dependant on this crummy Liberal/Democratic city, have come out in his defense?

    Or........would he have been Steve Stoned? BTW, my belief is both should have been canned regardless of ethnic considerations. Hendry is even worse then Baker.
    how can you even bring race into this? baylor stunk and he was run out of town. he was black. riggleman was bad and he was run out of town he was white.


    • #32 begin with. I think that Blagovich, or however one spells his name, would never have come out and said that if Baker was white. But, that's politics and this is IL./Chicago. My gut feeling is Dusty is tolerated more because He's a drone then because of his race. But again, this is Chicago. A city ran by gangsters and slick operators, "Beirut By the Lake".

      Also, all I did was ask you a question. I dont personally know "if", or "how much" race factors into all this. The difference is, of course, Dusty will be kept another two years which will put him in for 6 altogether, "Baylor 2 &1/4 and Riggleman 4 years". Also Dusty has a lot more to work with then Riggleman did, or Baylor. A far, far higher amount of $$ to play with. And there is the argument that Hendry came in and wanted a fresh start with a new manager. I will add that Baylor had a season with 88 wins as well, which is Bakers personal best here in 2003.

      The Cubs finished 16 games behind a team in 2004 that they had outspent almost 20 million in payroll. In 2003 they blew it to a team they had outspent by 30 million. Last year they finished 21 games out to a team that only outspent them by 5 million. With no-one else in the division even close. Besides, the magical '03 team, with all of 88 regular season wins, was pretty much inherited by the both of them. And then destroyed! As was their player development, farm system, and long term plan. This is a team based around quick fixes and corporate spin.

      So I dont know how much race factors in. But this is Chic'aaaa'go. Where jobs are doled out by race as a matter of policy, so dont sound so shocked I would ask. Both Hendry and Baker are completely inept, whether they are white , black, brown, purple, or polka dot. That much is for sure. Ive never seen such a poor fundementals playing cubs team as in '04, '05, and much of this year. Or such poor, and weak, leadership.
      "Let me start by telling you this: I have never used steroids. Period. I don't know how to say it any more clearly than that. Never." :hyper:


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        $$ may be the issue. who knows, maybe jim likes the guy and wants to give him every chance to succeed.


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          Originally posted by rockin500
          stone wasnt run out of chicago. HE chose to left. He initially accepted their contract offer and then changed his mind and decided not to come back. get the story right.
          No , I hate agreeing with the white sox fan here, but this a fact. He was ran out of Chicago for standing up to the team, and being to honest. Cubs management when they offered him the new contract, they also told him he had new restrictions and he couldnt say certain things anymore and not to call out players anymore. That was on a official press release when he told them to stick it. With every right to do so. Sorry that a bunch of overpaid athletes couldnt handle the truth from the Stoney. Players got their panties in a bunch over being called out. Wah. I still love Wrigley Field, and I love my Cubs, but come on. What happened to Steve Stone was corporate bullSh%% from the top.

          Steve Stone's Resignation Letter
          Oct. 28, 2004

          Dear Cubs fans:

          Since I put on a Cubs uniform in 1974, I've seen lots of Cubs history. There has been heartache and joy, agony and ecstasy, not to mention 21 managers and 10 general managers.

          Through all of these years and more than a few broadcast partners, I have always felt a strong connection to the greatest, most loyal fans in baseball, Cubs fans.

          My love for the city of Chicago and the people who came to beautiful Wrigley Field has been a constant. Over three million of you Cubs fans came to the ball park in 2004 and the TV ratings showed you watched the Cubs broadcasts in staggering numbers.

          Unfortunately, the 2004 season did not end as we had hoped. It was devastating for all of us who invested our hearts, our time and in many cases our lives, in the hopes and dreams of the Cubs winning a world championship.

          I am sure you have read many things about this past season and my involvement in one or two controversies. However, you have never heard my story or my perspective of the events that have brought us to this point in time.

          As has always been my personal policy, it is not my intention to divulge the content of private conversations I've had with others. Likewise, I do not want to be forced into sharing my side of the story.

          I came to Chicago on the high road with my credibility and integrity. Thirty years later, I choose to leave the same way.

          The phrase I used that angered certain people was "I regret nothing." Well folks, I was wrong about that and want to set the record straight. I regret I won't be calling another Cubs game on WGN-TV for the greatest fans in baseball…the fans of the Chicago Cubs.

          It's been a great ride. I will never forget you. Most importantly, I thank you all for every minute of happiness, you, the fans have given me.

          Best regards,

          Steve Stone

          Now to any of you that read between the lines here, your blind! I will say this thanks Steve for the class you brought to the Cubs organization.I enjoyed listening to all your games. I was lucky to grow up listening to first Harry and yourself, and then later on down the road You and Chip. Bob and len are "OK" at best, but they neither of them stand even close to what you and Harry/Chip did in the booth. I hope someday you get to comeback again.
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            No , I hate agreeing with the white sox fan here, but this a fact.
            Truth is the truth no-matter where team loyalties lay. It was this kind of non-sense that drove me from the Cubs in the first place. I don't despise the Cubbies, whom I grew up loving, or the fans. I despise the conglomerate and its drones pulling the puppet strings.
            "Let me start by telling you this: I have never used steroids. Period. I don't know how to say it any more clearly than that. Never." :hyper:


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              I agree, it was a travesty what they did to Stone.


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