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Are they going to change Wrigley Field?

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  • Are they going to change Wrigley Field?

    I don't follow this or keep up on it, but I keep incidentally hearing about potential changes to Wrigley Field. Kind of ironic that during all the 100th anniversary hoopla, they're thinking about major changes.

    Also odd in that the Cubs total attendance in 2013 ranked 12th in MLB while their team payroll was number 28 (see here). The total est. payroll was $61 million, only a fourth of what the Dodgers pay at $254 million. In other words, the team's income to payout ratio would seem to be one of the best in the majors.... and they wanna tamper with the historic field?

    What's the story on Wrigley? Are changes coming? Would that make sense in view of what I've said here?

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    Chicago politics are the roadblock and the previous owners agreement to share revenue with the Rooftop owners.


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