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  • Best Cubs Team Ever!

    Best cubs team of all time, and only with players who have spent the majority of their career with the cubs (or for the current players, ones who will more than likely spend the rest of their career with the cubies):

    25 Man Roster:
    C Gabby Hartnett
    C Michael Barret
    1B Derek Lee (I know there are other hall of fame first baseman who namely played for the cubbies, but if D. Lee continues what he is doing, he will be in the HALL!)
    1B Cap Anson
    2B Ryne Sandberg
    2B Billy Herman
    SS Ernie Banks
    SS Joe Tinker
    3B Ron Santo
    3B Aramis Ramirez (tough call over Stan Hack)
    LF Billy Williams
    CF Hack Wilson
    RF King Kelly
    RF Sammy Sosa
    CF Kiki Cuyler
    1. Fergie Jenkins
    2. Mordacai “Three Fingered” Brown
    3. Hippo Vaughn
    4. Clark Griffith
    5. Charlie Root
    SU: Lee Smith
    SU: Bruce Sutter
    MRP Rick Sutcliffe
    MRP Mark Prior
    CP: Carlos Zambrano

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    ...And the lineup would probably look something like this:
    1. CF: Kiki Cuyler
    2. LF: Billy Williams
    3. 1B: Derek Lee
    4. RF: Hack Wilson (moved from CF to RF)
    5. SS: Ernie Banks
    6. 3B Ron Santo
    7. 2B: Ryne Sandberg
    8. C Gabby Harnett
    9. SP: Three Fingered Brown


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      where's Hawk?


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        I like Zambrano as much as anybody, but making him the closer over Big Lee is just not right.
        Jerseys hanging in my den : Santo, Jenkins, Williams, Banks, Grace, Sandberg, Dawson, Eckersley, Sutcliffe, Wood, Prior, Zambrano, Lee

        Oddly enough, I never bought a Sosa jersey, even during his best years.


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          How can you put Prior and Zambrano as relievers when they're not...

          Moonlight Graham
 game, no at-bats...


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            It's a fantasy team, it doesn't matter where he puts them.


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              So can you put Sammy Sosa at 2b?

              Moonlight Graham
     game, no at-bats...



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                If you want to.

                But I think we both realize that the difference between RF and 2B is much greater than the difference between SP and RP/SU/CP


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                  But the point of formulating a All-Cubs or any team is to put people in positions they actually played.

                  Moonlight Graham
         game, no at-bats...



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                    Originally posted by moebarguy
                    But the point of formulating a All-Cubs or any team is to put people in positions they actually played.
                    agreed, or else why not make an arbitrary list of the best Cubs' players, without positions?

                    that way you could include Hawk and Lee Smith, who, oh yeah, is the all-time saves leader, but it's good to see Big Z's there instead.


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                      There aren't a whole lot of great middle relievers. If they aren't good enough to be a starter or a closer, they probably aren't going to be making any all-time team lists. So in this instance it is almost a necessity to list second tier starters as relievers. Making Zambrano a closer over Lee Smith is a little strange, but it is the poster's perogative. But making a starter into a reliever has been done in baseball for a long, long time, and I am suprised that anybody would have any qualms about it.


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                        I like your all-Cubs team, but it's too early to put Barrett among these other greats. He currently has the worst throw-out rate in the National League and his numers seem to hover around 15 HR-65 RBI-.275 AVG. I'd put Randy Hundley in there instead. How many years must they have played for the Cubs to qualify 'cause Dawson's 7 years with the club deserve recognition. Otherwise, good list.


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                          Here's how we've voted upon this in our forum in the past:

                          Gabby Hartnett (22) - 81.5%
                          Randy Hundley (2) - 7.4%
                          Jody Davis (2) - 7.4%

                          First Base
                          Cap Anson (14) - 45.2%
                          Mark Grace (12) - 38.7%
                          Bill Buckner (2) - 6.5%
                          Frank Chance (2) - 6.5%
                          Joe Pepitone (1) - 3.2%

                          Second Base
                          Ryne Sandberg (30) - 93.8%
                          Glenn Beckert (1) - 3.1%
                          Billy Herman (1) - 3.1%

                          Third Base
                          Ron Santo (21) - 100%

                          Ernie Banks (26) - 86.7%
                          Shawon Dunston (2) - 6.7%
                          Don Kessinger (1) - 3.3%
                          Joe Tinker (1) - 3.3%

                          Right Field
                          Sammy Sosa (19) - 79.2%
                          Andre Dawson (3) - 12.5%
                          King Kelly (2) - 8.3%

                          Center Field
                          Hack Wilson (18) - 85.7%
                          Andy Pafko (2) - 9.2%

                          Left Field
                          Billy Williams (20) - 100%

                          Fergie Jenkins (28) - 90.3%
                          Three Finger Brown (25) - 80.7%
                          Greg Maddux (20) - 64.2%
                          Hippo Vaughn (13) - 41.9%
                          Rick Sutcliffe (12) - 38.7%
                          Pete Alexander (11) - 35.5%
                          Ed Reulbach (10) - 32.3%
                          Charlie Root (6) - 19.4%
                          Kerry Wood (3) - 9.7%
                          Rick Reuschel (2) - 6.5%
                          Lou Warneke (2)- 6.5%
                          Bill Lee (2) - 6.5%
                          Sheriff Blake (1) - 3.2%
                          Larry Corcoran (1) - 3.2%
                          Dick Ellsworth (1) - 3.2%
                          Clark Griffith (1) - 3.2%
                          Claude Passeau (1) - 3.2%
                          Bob Rush (1) - 3.2%
                          Jack Pfiester (1) - 3.2%

                          Bruce Sutter (11) - 47.8%
                          Lee Smith (10) - 43.4%
                          Randy Myers (1) - 4.4%
                          Mitch Williams (1) - 4.4%

                          Cap Anson (8) - 44.4%
                          Frank Chance (8) - 44.4%
                          Leo Durocher (1) - 5.6%
                          Don Zimmer (1) - 5.6%

                          You can find the thread here.
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                            more on the list

                            A couple things: yes, I realize for example that Zambrano is not a closer and that Lee Smith was and that he was one of the most successful closers of all time, keep in mind i kept him it the SU role and that while Carlos is not a reliefer, its a fantasy team, and I think big Z would be a great closer given the opportunity, probably even better than Smith. Maybe? And as for Hawk, he comes close, but still not as good as the other outfielders, although I would prefer him personally over Sammy only cuz hes a cheat--but still, the stats say otherwise. And as for Barret, I realize also that Hundley is a much better defensive catcher and all, but offensively, Barret is the second best cubs catcher ever (or at least to play more than just a season or two with them) really...which actually is kind of sad.


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