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Jake Arrieta-Greatest Cub pitcher?

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  • Jake Arrieta-Greatest Cub pitcher?

    It is very rare for a pitcher to throw a no hitter. It is very rare for a pitcher to win 20 games. It is very rare for a pitcher to have an ERA+ over 200. Jake has done all three this season.

    Jake's 215 ERA+ currently sits at 21st highest since 1901 with only 8 spots above him happening in the modern era. That's a top ten performance by Jake this year within the modern era of pitching.

    Amongst Cubs his ERA+ lands third on the list behind Mordecai's 253 and Jack Pfiester's 216. Now I think we can summarily remove Jack's performance as he only got into 30 games in 1907 and started only 22 games. I don't think only 22 starts is high enough for us to consider it to be among the greatest performances of all time.

    So that leaves Brown's amazing season and what a season it was. A 253 ERA+ in over 277 innings. 32 starts, 27 complete games, and 9 shutouts. He would also get into 4 other games that year and tallied what would be considered later on as 3 saves in those 4 games. But of course it was a different era back then and in terms of WAR all of that only translates into 7.1 wins. Jake's season translates into 8.4 wins. A pretty hefty lead for Jake on that front.

    So then does Jake lead everyone else in WAR as a Cub pitcher? No he does not. In fact Jake is 8th since 1901 in pitcher WAR as a Cub. Pete Alexander's 12.1 in 1920 leads the pack. Does that mean Pete had the greatest Cub pitching season of all time? I would argue that the eras are different and that workloads have to be factored in. That 12.1 WAR comes about because Pete pitched rather well and did that over 363 innings. No one is going to throw 363 innings nowadays. If you look at the performances of the pitchers on a per inning basis Jake Arrieta rises right to the top while Pete falls to 11th.

    I believe that if you factor in the eras and workloads that Jake's 2015 season is the greatest season by Cub pitcher of all time.

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    Greg maddux 1992 was not bad either. ERA was higher at 2.18 but he pitched 268 innings. in Terms of value the seasons probably are quite similar.
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      Well, that was the first no-hitter I got to witness.


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        He's amazing. Can't wait to see his next playoff game.


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          I keep thinking at some point he will pitch a bad one...hoping he can keep it up


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