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Cubs and World history

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  • Cubs and World history

    Fun fact: The last time the Cubs won the World Series, the Ottoman Empire was still around.

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    The 46th star was added to the American flag for Oklahoma on February 27th 1908.

    Sent from The White House on taxpayers dimes.

    DTR + 4.10's + Eaton swap = Wreeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom
    I have had the pleasure of watching games at: Comiskey Park, Comiskey Park II, Wrigley Field, Jacobs Field, Municipal Stadium, Three Rivers Stadium, Miller Park, Yankee Stadium (The one and only), and Fenway Park.


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      Female Cubs fans could not vote for another 12 years.


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        Two weeks after the 1908 World Series, a Chicago native who'd never attended a baseball game penned the lyrics of what would become the year's biggest hit song, "Take Me Out To The Ball Game".

        And we allthought the Red Sox's old "curse of the Bambino" was noteworthy.
        "And their chances of getting back into this ballgame are growing dimmer by the batter."

        Put it in the books.


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          The Ford Model T was introduced just about the time of the World Series in 1908.
          My dad had one of these for his first car, bought it for $14...he immediately drove it from Chicago to WI with another brother in a rainstorm as they held umbrellas over their heads because the top was shredded.
          "If I drink whiskey, I'll never get worms!" - Hack Wilson


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