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    Pity, he's been playing well and acting like the consumate professional. But with Lee coming back he's to big an ace in the hole to bat twice every 4 games. There are AL teams that can use power in a DH. The Cubs are going to have to trade him and get some youth into their lives. A couple of top AAA prospects would be sweet.
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    To make the most sense, Dusty ought to play Nevin in LF and sit Murton a little more, but that will never happen.


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      I like Nevin and I really wish this could work but it just wont. They have to keep playing Murton in Left. Does anyone think somehow we could go after Dontrelle Willis in Florida if we could trade Kerry Wood and Phil Nevin?
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        With Nevin's contract and the fact that he is hitting really well right now the Cubs should be trying to trade him. It is unlikely that his trade value will ever be any higher while he is a Cub. The Cubs could probably get something useful in the future for him and perhaps even more if he gets packaged to someone. Perhaps if the Jones to Yankees rumors are true you throw him in as an extra bat off the bench and move from a B- goods to a B+ or A- goods.


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          Well both are going to be free agents after this year so there is really no need to trade them to get Willis. Unless you mean trade them to Florida for Willis which Florida would never agree on both are useless to Florida.


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            On the one hand, the Yanks could use Phil's bat with all their injuries. But another injury prone player?
            Nevin was great in SD until he caught the injury bug.

            Welcome back ARod. Hope you are a Yankee forever.
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              Yes but Nevin is a dirt cheap injury prone player. If they get 20 games out of him it would be extremely valuable. If they used Nevin strictly as a DH/PH it would dampen his injury risk and if they only let him play first base a few times as well it probably wouldn't increase his injury all that much. A lof of his injuries come from when he leaves his feet. I believe he injured himself one year sliding or diving for a ball and then injured himself again later diving into second. Don't recall the exact events but I always seem to recall the injuries being action injuries like that.


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                While he looks like he's enjoying his new club, and hitting the ball well, he has become plain expendable. Expendable to now, expendable to the future. I mean funny isnt it? All of a sudden opposing pitchers are starting to pitch around him a little bit, and a few others are starting to see some pitches "why is Jones batting after Murton at 6'th"?

                But Nevin is a tough sell in Left. Also, if you are going to deal him your going to want maximum value. And the clock is ticking on that one, before the ASG will get you the most in return.

                Again.........a pity. The guy appears to be a gamer.
                "Let me start by telling you this: I have never used steroids. Period. I don't know how to say it any more clearly than that. Never." :hyper:


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