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The Last Time the Cubs Played the Tigers

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  • The Last Time the Cubs Played the Tigers

    Hello - I'm a new member to this site. Last week, my buddy and I took the train from Detroit to Chicago to see the Tigers play the Cubs at Wrigley Field. The last time I know of that these two teams squared off was during the 1945 World Series - but I have to imagine that they've played one another since cross-league play hit the scene a decade ago. However, while at Wrigley, I heard several people talking about this series being the first time the two teams played each other since '45. I have to believe there would have been more media attention given to this past weekend's series if that were really true, but I don't know. I've tried to search for old schedules, but I'm not very savvy when it comes to internet surfing - can anyone help me out? Oh, I should mention, I'm not including those old "exhibition" games MLB used to have prior to the introduction of cross-league play. Thanks!

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    Prior to this season,the Cubs and Tigers met 3 times in IL play.They met in 1998,2000,and 2001.

    The Cubs are 3-8 all-time against the Tigers since 1998.Those numbers include this season.


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      The Cubs had absolutely nothing for the Tigers, they whipped us like we were a single A team.


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        Not as bad as the beatdown the Sox put on the Cards in the first 2 games of the series.


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