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  • Playing GM-

    Ok, so your the general manager.

    Who do you take as coach?

    Who do you get rid of?

    Who do you to go aggressively at keeping/extending?

    Who do you try to bring in?

    Anyone care to play "GM" ?

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    Contact Larry Dierker and DAvey JOhnson. See where they are at, what their views are and so on. SEe if they would be a good fit.

    AS for this season I get rid of Womack, Mabry, eat the contract on Neifi, see if I could trade Jacque or if not find find a suitbale platoon hitter for him. I don't think Nevin could handle the outfield but I would start there just for this season. Since Nevin would be gone after this season. Possibly use Maddux as trade bait to get that platoon type player. Forget Wood and take my time with Prior. In the meantime I call up Williams and HIll and let them start. Get their status nailed down and see whether or not they have the ability to become everyday major leaguers. Pierre is a temp, let him ride out the season and then say thank you for your time and look elsewhere. Pie is probably at least another year away so I need to decide whether or not this team is going to contend next year and whether or not the bat out of CF will be vital to that contention. If it isn't then I just get a glove to man the spot, possibly even Pie to let him get experience. If I need somebody in CF to be good and I have a good possibility of having a good team then I look for somebody who could possibly slide over to another spot or fill a backup role if and when Pie develops. That means of course I'm not looking for a superstar or an allstar but somebody that wouldn't be a hole. Nor do I think there really is going to be any type of player out there that the Cubs can get and be a + for several years at Center. SO they are better off trying to get Pie to develop and not putting anybody in front of him that can't be moved.


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      Contact Larry Dierker and DAvey JOhnson. See where they are at, what their views are and so on.
      My Nats already have dibs on Johnson.
      The Q: Can the Cubs hold a 6-5 lead with 2 outs and nobody on in the 9th?

      The A: No

      ***********My Rant on Bud Selig***********
      Selig is like a stray pigeon. Pigeons are too self-absorbed to care about anyone else. They poo on people they don't like; they poo on people they don't even know. The only real difference between Selig and a pigeon is that Selig intends to bury our heritage, our traditions, and our culture,


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        What's Lou Piniella doing these days?


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          I fire everyone on the coaching staff with extreme prejudice, then call the police and have them escorted off the premises.
          Appoint an assistant who knows how to do the job.
          Forfeit my contract and resign.
          Steal some stationery on my way out.
          beware of the censorship police


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            All I can say is that McPhail and Hendry need fired. Has any player Hendry signed over the winter did anything, with the exception of the bullpen? Nope. When we do get another manager, he has to be one that demands fundamentals, we have been lacking that every year that Dusty has been here. With the Braves having bad troubles, will Bobby Cox and/or Chipper Jones be available?


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              SAying except the bullpen is ignoring a lot of good work the bullpen did. Limiting it to this year is ignoring a lot of good players Hendry has brought in. Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Michael Barrett, Todd Walker, and Matt Murton. Those area players he brought in.


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                No, I'm saying the bullpen has been great in my opinion. Maybe I said it wrong.


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                  Part of the problem, actually most of the problem, is that these kinds of decisions, the ones that need to be made entirely by GMs, are instead being made by the shadowy, sinister, greedy, Tribune conglomerate. The Cubs have a whole host of filthy little corporate drones that have influence in day to day operations, "ever see the movie "Rollerball"?

                  These seedy tie wearing creeps care only about one thing and that is money. They are masters of spin, or they hire masters of spin, who can manipulate the mindless masses with a host of tools and methods. Right now they are keeping the Cubs intact, and preventing change, in order to keep the dream alive in the fans and keep them on the EL trains coming to Wrigley, buying those T-shirts and $10,000 a night rooftops. "We" the fans are nothing but puppets on a string with these media spin spewing pukes. This is why Wood is "on the DL but not injured". Why they keep Ramirez and Prior, why they are going to toss Nevin in LF instead of trading him for youth, why they are stringing Dusty along instead of S-canning him.

                  The Cubs conglomerate is selling a fantasy, a product. All teams do but the Cubs do have it honed to a fine edge. Even worse, its preventing any kind of changes. When your drawing 40,000 a game, of cash in their pockets 20 & 30'somthings, all other problems are manageable. Including losing!

                  This my friends is what drove me from my be-loved Cubs over 20 years ago. Tellya the truth, with the strikes and other stuff, I lost interest in MLB for a long time. I would still go the Sox games and root but I got sick and tired of the "Chicago way" of playing baseball. Really, it took my son starting little league to renew my interest in the game.

                  For some of you youngers guys who still find a way to be loyal to a team like this you will probably be far more cynical when your my age. I hope you get a winner with the Cubs in your lifetimes but its not going to happen with this current ownership and continued hiring of corporate drones in management.
                  "Let me start by telling you this: I have never used steroids. Period. I don't know how to say it any more clearly than that. Never." :hyper:


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