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A letter from Castellini

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  • A letter from Castellini

    Dear RedLegs News Readers:
    As the new Chief Executive Officer of the Cincinnati Reds, I want to thank all of you for your enthusiastic support of RedLegs News and

    A few weeks ago we detailed our promise to Reds fans. We pledged to bring championship baseball back to Cincinnati, build one of the most respected organizations in Major League Baseball, field a team worthy of your support, and most importantly, not rest until you are happy.

    Accomplishing these goals will not be easy. However, we will utilize every available means to jumpstart the transformation. We will work tirelessly to succeed in every area of our pledge, especially when it comes to building an online Reds Nation.

    I understand that having an open line of communication with our fan base is the only way we can truly gauge our efforts. Along those lines, I want to promise you that our online resources will be a vital part of the process. Rest assured that this newsletter, as well as, will become even more of vehicle for team management to connect with our fans and create a true online Reds community.

    This season we will continue to use the Web to deliver the best Reds coverage. Additionally, we have many exciting events and promotions planned for 2006, including online sweepstakes, player/management chats, content-packed e-newsletters and exclusive ticket deals. From time to time, I'll drop by to see how things are coming along.

    You, our subscribers, can expect the very best this year. We promise to make your online experience a fun and rewarding part of being a Cincinnati Reds fan.


    Robert H. Castellini
    Reds Chief Executive Officer

    Unlike most other team sports, in which teams usually have an equivalent number of players on the field at any given time, in baseball the hitting team is at a numerical disadvantage, with a maximum of 5 players and 2 base coaches on the field at any time, compared to the fielding team's 9 players. For this reason, leaving the dugout to join a fight is generally considered acceptable in that it results in numerical equivalence on the field, and a fairer fight.

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    I hope we can do it this year. We need a good season, I miss the days of going to Riverfront and seeing legions of fans and knowing that the Reds will probably beat the crap out of the other team. I'm a hardcore Reds fan forever but I want to see the Reds on top again.

    Btw, I haven't gotten a RedLegs Newsletter in forever. No matter what I do they won't send me one.


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