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Adam Dunn, your newest Reds Hall of Famer

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  • Adam Dunn, your newest Reds Hall of Famer

    The team announced this week that Adam Dunn would be inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame in 2018. Dunn beat out Aaron Boone (the new Yankees manager), John Franco, Danny Graves, Scott Rolen, and Reggie Sanders.

    I personally voted for Franco, but Sanders and Dunn were the next two deserving in my mind. Dunn is fourth in franchise history with 270 home runs (for the Reds), behind Johnny Bench, Frank Robinson, and Tony Perez. He will likely be passed by Joey Votto on the list next season, possibly before the induction ceremony.
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    Dunn is a deserving inductee, which is more than I can say for the other selections this year - Fred Norman and Dave Bristol.

    I believe this was John Franco's last chance in the "Modern Players" election as his final season was 2005, which will no longer be considered by the time of the next election (2019 for a 2020 induction). That, to me, suggests Reggie Sanders will be the most deserving ex-player that fans will be able to vote for in 2019.

    As for other omissions - where are Powel Crosley Jr. and Pat Moran? It seems that the team's greatest owner and the manager of its first World Championship would have better credentials, and mean more to the team, than Dave Bristol. Of course Bristol (and Norman) are still living while the former two are not.
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      I agree, Norman and Bristol both pale in comparison to those already in the Reds Hall. It seems they want to have multiple inductees each year (except for Rose's year, of course), but in my mind that isn't really necessary. Honor those who deserve it, don't water it down.
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