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I got my Reds Tickets

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  • I got my Reds Tickets

    This morning I went on and picked up two sets of tickets for my trip to Cinci.

    on 8/29 I got moon-sun seats section 141

    on 8/30 I got club seats 305

    How good are those seats?

    What kind of food do they have in the club?

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    Awesome! I bought a few Reds tickets this morning as well, plus a pair to the Indians/Yankees game on April 26th.

    The Sun Deck is pretty sweet all around. 141 is a pretty good section, especially if you're close to the field. You have a good view of the big screen there as well. If it's sweltering hot, as it is likely to be in August, the misters under the big smokestacks are very close to there too.

    I've never sat in 305, but the club seats are much nicer than the rest of the stadium (padded and wider) as you'll find out. I don't think the food is much different, if I remember, than the rest of the stadium, you'll just have a waiter for your section that goes and gets stuff for you. If you're a beer drinker, order them 2 at a time, as they take a while to get back to you. The Club 4192 will be nice on a hot day.

    Here's hoping you enjoy your trip there!
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      Thanks for all your insight on the GABP.

      I am also going to see the Yanks play on in Cleveland on the 26th where are your seats?


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        I am so jealous! I can barely afford the nosebleed section.


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