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  • 1911 Shortstop Jimmy Esmond

    1911 Jimmy Esmond.jpg

    This photo is currently available at RMY Auctions.


    • 1916-1918 Mgr. Christy Mathewson and 1B Hal Chase
      Underwood & Underwood photo currently available at Hunt Auctions

      1916-1918 Mathewson Chase.jpg


      • 1905 Portrait of Al Bridwell, 3B/OF
        This photo is currently available at Hunt Auctions.

        1905 Bridwell portrait.jpg


        • 1903 Cincinnati Reds
          An improved version of the early-season or pre-season image in post #123 with most players identified.
          My IDs for the players unnamed in the caption below the image are in italics.

          Top Row (L-R): Pete Cregan (LF/RF), George Magoon (2B), Jack Morrissey (2B), Harry Wood (LF/RF), Frank "Noodles" Hahn (P).
          Middle Row (L-R): Jack Harper (P), Bill Bergen (C), Harry Steinfeldt (3B), unknown, Jimmy Wiggs (P), Tommy Corcoran (SS), Bob Ewing (P), Buck Hooker (P).
          Bottom Row (L-R): Heinie Peitz (C), Jack Sutthoff (P), Mike Donlin (LF/RF), Joe Kelley (LF/IF/Mgr.), Cy Seymour (CF), Jake Beckley (1B), Ed Poole (P), Bill Phillips (P).
          1903 NL Cincinnati improved w sepia.jpg


          • Bill Moriarty, SS, 1909

            Dto7 posted this newspaper image in another forum of the Reds' shortstop who played in six games between April 29th and May 3rd, 1909. He was the brother of George Moriarty, a long-time third baseman in the American League.

            Bill Moriarty 1909.jpg


            • Joe Kelley, 1902 or 1903
              This beautiful Carl Horner photograph of Kelley in his Cincinnati road uniform is currently available at Hunt Auctions.

              NL Cin Kelley Horner.jpg


              • 1910 Manager Clark Griffith
                Paul Thompson photograph

                1910 Griffith Thompson.jpg

                Posted by ForeverYoung at


                • 1916 Manager Christy Mathewson
                  This photo of Mathewson, currently available at RMY Auctions, shows him warming up in a Cincinnati uniform after his July 20th, 1916, trade to the Reds that allowed him to become a manager. He pitched only one game for the team, a double-farewell performance versus Mordecai Brown and the Cubs on September 4th.

                  Mathewson 1916 Reds RMY Auctions.jpg


                  • 1907 2B Miller Huggins
                    This image is currently available at RMY Auctions.

                    1907 Miller Huggins.jpg


                    • 1909 RF Mike Mitchell
                      This image is currently available at RMY Auctions.

                      1909 Mike Mitchell.jpg


                      • 1909 3B/SS Mike Mowrey
                        This image is currently available at RMY Auctions.

                        1909 Mike Mowrey.jpg


                        • 1908 1B Dick Hoblitzell
                          This image is currently available at RMY Auctions.

                          1908 Dick Hoblitzell.jpg


                          • 1944 Image of 1880's Pitcher Tony Mullane (right) with Boston Braves pitcher Ira Hutchinson
                            Image currently available at RMY Auctions.

                            1944 Tony Mullane.jpg


                            • Here was my all time favorite growing up as a kid in Lancaster County, Pa. “Big Klu”
                              The saddest day of the year is the day that baseball season ends.


                              • Thanks for sharing these, guys.

                                Dutch, Klu was my father's favorite player, too. What a great asset to Cincinnati baseball he was.
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