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Trade Deadline Decision Making

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  • Trade Deadline Decision Making

    With the July 31 trade deadline nearly a week away, what should the Reds do?
    Buy! The Reds are 1-2 players away from the playoffs
    Sell! Let's be realistic and instead play for 2015 and beyond
    Stand pat. I'm torn and I'd rather keep what we have than do something risky

    The poll is expired.

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    Don't sell the farm. The NL is mediocre enough that they can make the playoffs without bankrupting their system. Especially with the injured guys on the way back. Lot of teams in the same boat. Don't panic.
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      The Reds have a lot of questions remaining in this season as well as looking to next season. I just do not feel that we can go another season with the left field situation being resolved. Does that mean that Donald Lutz is the heir apparent or do we trade a Johnny Cueto to get a power hitter? Ludwick's contact expires at the end of this season so he is out of the mix. We have already signed Bailey to a long term deal and we do not have the money to sign Latos and Cueto which means that one of them has to go. I would choose Cueto to go because he offers the most in the way of a trade right here and right now.


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        Stand pat. The Votto and Phillips injuries have turned a weak offense into one completely void of life. Eventually they are going to have to look at trading a pitcher to get some offense, but is acquiring Marlon Byrd mid season the answer? No. Unless they can move a front line guy like Cueot or Latos to get a real impact bat, then dont bother. Their chances of making the playoffs arent looking good with the 1-8 streak since the Break, but i dont see it being improved much if they pick up a mid level hitter at this point.

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          I think the Reds should have tried to make a deal, though I'm not sure they could have gotten the offense they needed for this year. Time is running out, this pitching staff will be broken up in 2016.
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            To be honest, I do not think that one deal would have made much of a difference unless they were getting Mike Trout and Gioncarlo Stanton. I have to believe that when everyone gets healthy if that is even possible, they can be a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully with some protection in the lineup next season, Bruce will come back to life. We are going to have to deal to get a left fielder. I do not believe that Yorman Rodriguez can move from Double A to the majors and unless Donald Lutz really takes a huge step forward, he is not the answer either. I think ultimately it is going to have to be Leake. Latos' velocity has been down this season so teams may be afraid of him especially taking into consideration the health care providers that are taking care of them. It just seems like the Reds really have a harder time returning from surgery than other teams and always have a setback. Rolen, Ludwick, Votto, and Latos suffered setbacks and Bruce as well as Phillips have not shown flashes of their potent bat this season yet.


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