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  • Chin Hui-Tsao?

    Hey i was wondering what you guys feel about Chin Hui Tsao??? We all know he has a great fastball that has movement to it. It even hit 100mph on a few occasions but i was wondering what you guys think of his future with the organiation?? Does he still have a future here and as what?? A closer? Setup Man? Starter?? I personally think he can develop into a top notch starter what do you guyz think?

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    A fastball pitcher might do well in Colorado.
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      Tsao is a much much much more talented starter than a reliever/closer. Just too much surgeries force the organization to convert him into a pitcher with a pitch count so his elbow for have any problems down the road.

      He's out and will not participate for the Taiwan team in the WBC, which sucks. If he indeed come back, I see the Rockies give him another shot at being a reliever/closer, and if he can keep his ERA around 4 to 5, I don't see why Rockies wouldn't keep him.
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        Sorry to tell you this guys , but he is on the 60 day DL


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          Originally posted by whosyourpapi
          Sorry to tell you this guys , but he is on the 60 day DL
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