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    Another thought about the radio announcers. I like to listen to the radio while at the games. My preference is a little portable with out earphones so I can hear the crowd and talk to whoever goes with me. Personally, I like the sound of hundreds of radios, tuned to KOA, echoing all around the stadium. It adds to the ambiance, I follow the game better, and I think its a good community building thing. But I get sharp looks from those around me on occasion. So I have a little portable with earphones that works ok.

    What do others do?

    1. No radio
    2. earphones
    3. blairing boombox
    No, it's Colorado.

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    Radios being on doesn't bother me at all, although I could see where it might bother the more casual fan. If I go to the game by myself (often happens), I'll take a radio with headphones along. If I'm there with someone else, I don't wear the headphones but I appreciate someone having a radio nearby. It doesn't happen often, though.
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      I go to most games by myself and take a radio with headphones half of the time.


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