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  • Corpus

    So what is higher, the Nuggets' points per game team scoring average this past season or Manny Corpas's ERA?

    Seriously, what can they do with him. The way he has been coming off the mound every time he misses the strike zone with a big pitch, cussing at himself just shows how frustrated he is. He's totally lost his confidence. How patient can the Rockies be in trying to help him get it back? We can't keep putting him out there in close games and letting these games get away.
    Rockies fan living in Texas

  • #2

    I think the Rockies should send him down to the minor leagues for a while, kinda like what we did with Franklin Morales. Just let him vs. some weaker batters than up in the pros and just get his strike zone settled. but be sure to let him know this will most likely not be a permanent move because that would really kill his confidence! This would also give the Rockies the opportunity to find this years Manny Corpas of last year... if that makes sense... hah


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