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2021 Dodgers season - how does it end?

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  • 2021 Dodgers season - how does it end?

    So here we are in mid-September, and I suspect that every single Dodger fan and every single Dodger player hoped this season would go a bit differently.

    That said, here we are indeed, with the 2nd-best record in baseball, still being talked about as 'the team to beat'.

    Fans and non-fans of the team, what do you think? I'm somewhat amazed we're still in the hunt after all that went wrong, but also frustrated that, unlike the '17 team that refused to lose (right up know...) this is a team that sometimes finds new and ever more infuriating ways to give games away.

    I'm cautiously optimistic, especially with Mookie heating up and Bellinger maybe remembering how to hit, but I'm also a bit worried. I've spent the whole year assuming the Giants would eventually fade, and if it hasn't happened by now...
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