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Russell Martin and the Penguin

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  • Russell Martin and the Penguin

    Even if you don't dig Russell Martin (and how could you not?), then you have to have some precious memories about Ron "The Penguin" Cey.

    Share those stories and wish the boys Happy Birthday's!
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    First time hearing of B & C; good stuff that is now on my Favs.
    "I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it." - Sandy Koufax.

    "My name is Yasiel Puig. I am from Cuba. I am 21 years old. Thank you."


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      It's hard to believe that Ron Cey is 60. He still looks great.
      Rick Marquez


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        I am a little late, but I did wished both boys "Happy Birthday" on their day at the InsideDodgers blog.

        I remember the time Ron Cey had a real penguin in the dugout. Two years ago when we had a revolver door at 3rd and my friend and I saw him prior to the game coming off the field, we yelled "Suit up Penguin, we need you at 3rd!" He acknoledged us and said "I am too old" He still looked like he could play.

        Russell Martin's nickname is "Turtle" my background pix on my cell phone is of our Turtle and myself when he graciously posed for the pix in S.F.

        Happy Belated Birthday Penguin and Turtle!!


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