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MLB opens its Urban Youth Academy

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  • MLB opens its Urban Youth Academy

    Yeah, I know it should impact MLB as a whole, but given the proximity to Dodger Stadium and the city of Los Angeles in general, I figured to include it here. Former Dodgers Reggie Smith, Ken Landreaux, Lou Johnson, Enos Cabell, Hubie Brooks, and Bill Russell, as well as McCourt were present. Next project is set to open in Washington, DC.
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    Among the the people working for this academy is Darrell Miller, who is better known as Reggie and Cheryl Miller's brother who played and worked for the Angels organization. I did notice that Arte Moreno was there as well. It is great to see both local clubs there supporting this effort.

    It is unfortunate that the number of Black players in MLB has dwindled and mnay of those players in the game today are sons of former professional ballplayers. Baseball and Blacks do have a connection in the Civil Rights movement as Jackie Robinson and his accomplishments were made before Martin Luther King, Jr and Brown v. Board of Education.


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      Compton, CA: Home of . . . ? Duke Snider!
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