The Los Angeles Guerilla Poet Kenny Rose Butts has weighed in on the matter with this poem "Hell ... Met", discussing the new Baseball rule in context with a discussion of our greater freedoms:


Oh the slippery slide reaches America's pastime
at first and third
and coming rules

The empire
in the name of securing wire taps, entraps, invades
from first to the Fourth
from here to overseas

helmets to enforce the rules
bases coach or places encroached
helmets enforce the rules
no free rides...this line drive
from baseball hit a coach...
now we toast
helmets for base coaches

hats off helmets on
for your protections the pursuit of happiness
Harley began then from bikers to tricycles
it's not up to you or mom or dad
Big Brother is watching and listening and insisting
your head fits into protective gear
from ear to ear

Those slippery slides
so every head resides within the confines
of rules that pursue
not just bases
in un...American places

but coaches at first and third...absurd
America it's past time
to free our heads so we can
according to our needs and play without fear
of rules that pursue our inner here

At home plate and bases all over the place
heads helmeted befitting worst case scenarios
eyes and ears seeing fear
from first to third, from home to overseas

From America's pastime to America it's past time
oh say can't you see
what they're doing to thee
from first base coach to third base coach from first world to third
it's not the line drive we need protection from
it's the projection being run that protection comes from covering your
instead of uncovering
that lead to hell...
leave your skull and...home free


By Kenny Rose Butts