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What's going on with Billingsley?

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  • What's going on with Billingsley?

    I'm not in a market for games and I don't have any mlb packages, so I've missed Billingsley's starts this season. But is there cause for concern? It seems like his bb:k ratio is a little high, but it's still pretty early.

    Do you guys think this just a bad stretch or is there something else to it?

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    I think the reason for his high ERA is the start he had in Arizona. In 2 and a third, he gave up five runs (four earned), with three walks against one strikeout. That was April 8th. His start on the 13th was better, giving up one run in five innings, striking out eight and walking two

    He's starting tommorow, so we'll see how that goes
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    "Hi. My name is John. I'd like you to meet my fastball. Can you catch up to it?
    Didn't think so. I'll see you again tomorrow night around the top of the ninth."
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    Why can't they just air the doubleheaders? Those programs aimed at children are crap anyway.


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