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Dodgers' closer out until late August...

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  • Dodgers' closer out until late August...

    It has been reported that the Dodgers closer, Takashi Saito, will be out with a sprained ligament in his pitching elbow until late August. Surgery may be necessary if recovery doesn't go well in the next few weeks.

    Follow the link to read more:

    To replace Saito will be Jonathan Broxton. Do you think this is a sufficient substitute or should more be done to fill Saito's place while on the DL?

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    Personally, I'm not sold on Broxton as a closer. He's struggled the couple of times he was the closer before. However, if we're going to trade for a shortstop, it seems like a waste to trade a young guy for a rental reliever
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    "Hi. My name is John. I'd like you to meet my fastball. Can you catch up to it?
    Didn't think so. I'll see you again tomorrow night around the top of the ninth."
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    Why can't they just air the doubleheaders? Those programs aimed at children are crap anyway.


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