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Dodger Stadium to host WBC finals

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  • Dodger Stadium to host WBC finals

    According to, Dodger Stadium will host the 2009 World Baseball Classic Finals-March 21st through the 23rd. However, it won't be announced for sure until July 31st
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    Originally posted by bhss89
    "Hi. My name is John. I'd like you to meet my fastball. Can you catch up to it?
    Didn't think so. I'll see you again tomorrow night around the top of the ninth."
    Originally posted by ChineseDemocracy
    Why can't they just air the doubleheaders? Those programs aimed at children are crap anyway.

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    Well, it can only help to move it from San Diego in order to draw more interest. I think the WBC is a great idea and the execution isn't too bad either. I think the reason it can't gain the status of, say, the World Cup revolves around the fact that the US league, the MLB, is far superior to the others around the world whereas the British premiere league, Brazil, French, etc. are all of great caliber and prestige. In other worlds, MLB has such a stranglehold over the sport that anything not-MLB is ignored. Proof in the pudding is the declining attendance of Japanese games as more players leave for the United States.
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      We went when it was at Anaheim stadium and it was like a soccer game at a baseball game.

      Had LOADS of fun.

      The crowds weren't anything like a traditional baseball crowd, so it meant seeing Koreans and Japanese fans enjoying the game *their* way and with lots of energy.

      Fans carrying their nation's flag around like it was the Olympics with baseball the central theme. Gotta love it.

      Can't wait to see the game next year in Dodger stadium.


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