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  • Thursday, September 14, 2006

    Chicago 6, Los Angeles 5 at Wrigley Field

    W - Scott Eyre (1-2)
    L - Brett Tomko (8-7)
    S - Bob Howry (5)

    CHI 6 runs, 11 hits, 0 errors
    LA 5 runs, 4 hits, 0 errors

    HR - JD Drew, LA (16), Marlon Anderson, LA (2), Aramis Ramirez, CHI (33)

    Dodgers' record - 77-69 (1st in NL West)

    QUICKIE RECAP: It's a good thing the Cubs are officially eliminated from the postseason. Otherwise, there's a good chance they snap their 61-season pennant-less drought. Two days after the forgettable seven-run collapse, the Dodgers quickly found out that sequels are rarely as good as the original. Hong-Chih Kuo threw six innings, allowing seven hits and two runs and left the game with a 5-2 lead thanks to Marlon Anderson's 2-run shot off Wade Miller (who hasn't started in over a year) and JD Drew's 3-run blast off Carlos Marmol (who was referred to as "Barney Rubble" by a coworker; Marmol was how Hanna-Barbera translated "Rubble" into Spanish). But then Grady Little made one of those moves that could change the season for the worst, as he inserted Brett Tomko into the game. Ronny Cedeño and Juan Pierre had singles in the seventh and rookie Ryan Theriot (rhymes with Ontario) hit an RBI single to score Cedeño. Brett Tomko then threw a fat one down the middle to Aramis Ramirez, completing the collapse. We could sit here and blame Tomko, but the Dodgers didn't help their cause by getting only four hits off a weak Cubs staff. For the second straight year the Cubs won the season series, but this time around was more painful, as the Cubs are clearly in a rebuilding mode. Ouch.
    "The future's uncertain and the end is always near" - Jim Morrison


    • Friday, September 15, 2006

      Los Angeles 3, San Diego 1 at Dodger Stadium

      W - Greg Maddux (4-2)
      L - David Wells (0-1)
      S - Takashi Saito (19)

      LA 3 runs, 9 hits, 1 error
      SD 1 run, 2 hits, 1 error

      HR - None

      Dodgers' record - 78-69 (1st in NL West)

      QUICKIE RECAP: What is it with the Dodgers and hiring boneheaded people? One of the cardinal rules of baseball is "Never mention a no-hitter while it is in progress." That's why Aníbal Sanchez was able to do it in Florida; no fans show up to the games in South Florida. But when you play in the second-largest market in the nation, keeping a huge fanbase silent is impossible. Greg Maddux no-hit the Padres for six innings and Charley Steiner just couldn't shut up about it. ESPNEWS sealed the deal by having "Maddux: no-hitter through 6 inn." on their headlines. In any case, Brian Giles broke up the no-no, and the crowd of 52,911 promptly gave Maddux a standing ovation. JD Drew drove in the only run the Dodgers needed with a double in the 4th off David Wells, and Takashi Saito got the last three outs to get his 19th save. This late in the season, every game counts, and with the Dodgers' collapse at Wrigley, they need every win against the Padres. Did someone mention that SD was 11-3 against LA entering the series?
      "The future's uncertain and the end is always near" - Jim Morrison


      • SELE SUCKS!!! :grouchy

        Jim Tracy must be loving this. Dodgers can't beat the Pirates when it really matters.

        They have to win tonight's game.


        • HUGE win today. Couldn't lose 2 out of 3 to Arizona after losing 2 out of 3 to the Pirates.

          Winning the division isn't looking too good right now. The Padres never lose, and we have to end in San Francisco where the Giants will be waiting to spoil us.


          • Cardinals stink. Padres just don't lose any games. We're 2 games back and going on the road, including San Fran, so I think forget the division. It's down to the Wild Card. Maybe there will be a 1 game playoff.


            • Saturday, September 16, 2006

              San Diego 11, Los Angeles 2 at Dodger Stadium

              W - Woody Williams (9-5)
              L - Chad Billingsley (5-4)
              S - Brian Sweeney (2)

              SD 11 runs, 13 hits, 0 errors
              LA 2 runs, 8 hits, 0 errors

              HR - Rafael Furcal, LA (13), Adrian Gonzalez, SD (22), Mike Cameron, SD (20), Todd Walker, SD (2)

              Dodgers' record - 78-70 (1st in NL West)

              QUICKIE RECAP: That pitching duel with Maddux no-hitting the Padres through six innings was sorely needed, but it only delayed the official surrender of first place one more day. Chad Billingsley made his first start in over a month, and it showed, although one inning of work didn't tell the whole story. Sure, he gave up a 2-run double to Adrian Gonzalez and an RBI single to Mike Cameron, but the fun stuff happened after Billingsley was pulled. Eric Stults allowed a 2-run HR to Cameron, and after getting two quick outs, he served batting practice for the suddenly surging Padres. Dave Roberts had an RBI single and as soon as Tim Hamulack (I had forgotten he was still on the team) came in, the Padres started punching in their playoff tickets. Brian Giles doubled Roberts home, and Todd Walker hit a towering two-run shot to deep right. Mike Piazza walked and Gonzalez hit a 2-run shot and just like that, the Dodgers were down by 10. With the Dodger offense as anemic as they've been against the Padres, it was too much of a hole to dig out of. Woody Williams threw six innings of five-hit ball, and Brian Sweeney got a bogus three-inning save. This is becoming a familiar sight year after year, and if you're not surprised, you haven't been watching Dodger baseball in the last 25 years.
              SOUVENEZ-VOUS LES EXPOS!!!
              "The future's uncertain and the end is always near" - Jim Morrison


              • Sunday, September 17, 2006

                San Diego 2, Los Angeles 1 at Dodger Stadium

                W - Scott Linebrink (7-3)
                L - Jonathan Broxton (3-1)
                S - Trevor Hoffman (39)

                SD 2 runs, 10 hits, 1 error
                LA 1 run, 4 hits, 0 errors

                HR - Russell Martin, LA (9), Russell Branyan, SD (4)

                Dodgers' record - 78-71 (2nd in NL West)

                QUICKIE RECAP: This was another classic pitching duel with Chris Young of the Padres throwing one-hit ball over six innings and Derek Lowe going 7 innings and only allowing a run, but the real story was that the Dodgers got to unhittable reliever Cla Meredith (the Red Sox had more use for him and Josh Bard than Doug Mirabelli). Russ Martin hit a one-out game-tying HR in the seventh but the end result was the same: a loss. Jonathan Broxton allowed a one-out single to Bard and Geoff Blum walked before Terrmel Sledge singled home the game-winning run. The Friars loaded the bases before Broxton struck out Giles and Josh Barfield fouled out on the first pitch, but it all came two batters too late. For the first time since August 9, the Dodgers are looking up at the Padres in the standings despite being as many as four games ahead of second place. Does this look familiar?
                SOUVENEZ-VOUS LES EXPOS!!!
                "The future's uncertain and the end is always near" - Jim Morrison


                • Monday, September 18, 2006

                  Los Angeles 11, San Diego 10 in 10 innings at Dodger Stadium

                  W - Aaron Sele (8-6)
                  L - Rudy Seañez (1-2)

                  LA 11 runs, 19 hits, 2 errors
                  SD 10 runs, 15 hits, 1 error

                  HR - Nomar Garciaparra, LA (18), JD Drew, LA (17), Jeff Kent, LA (17), Rafael Furcal, LA (14), Russell Martin, LA (10), Marlon Anderson, LA (3,4)

                  Dodgers' record - 79-71 (1st in NL West)

                  QUICKIE RECAP: Four consecutive home runs with two of them coming off Trevor Hoffman on consecutive pitches. Two comebacks from four runs down. A Nomar walk-off HR. That's all that needs to be said.
                  SOUVENEZ-VOUS LES EXPOS!!!
                  "The future's uncertain and the end is always near" - Jim Morrison


                  • Tuesday, September 19, 2006

                    Pittsburgh 10, Los Angeles 6 at Dodger Stadium

                    W - Ian Snell (14-10)
                    L - Hong-Chih Kuo (1-5)

                    PIT 10 runs, 11 hits, 1 error
                    LA 6 runs, 7 hits, 1 error

                    HR - Rafael Furcal, LA (15), Marlon Anderson, LA (5), Jose Bautista, PIT (14), Xavier Nady, PIT (3)

                    Dodgers' record - 79-72 (1st in NL West)

                    QUICKIE RECAP: An amazing comeback like the one on Miracle Monday would be enough to give a team that extra boost towards the postseason. Not the Los Angeles Dodgers. Fresh off that historic comeback win against the team that has completely dominated them, they faced off against a team that they have completely dominated. Except this thing called "momentum" applied only to the Pirates, as they had just swept the Mets and prevented them from clinching the NL East at PNC Park. Ian Snell tossed six innings of five-hit ball and Jose Bautista hit a grand slam and drove in five runs. Once again, the bullpen gave the game away, and any team that sends out the likes of Elmer Dessens and Brett Tomko is bound to fail in their quest for a World Series. With the Padres beating the Diamondbacks, LA's return to first was short-lived. And isn't it appropriate that Jim Tracy played a major role in shooting down the Dodgers' playoff chances?
                    SOUVENEZ-VOUS LES EXPOS!!!
                    "The future's uncertain and the end is always near" - Jim Morrison


                    • Ok Dodgers, this is it! After today's win and the Nat's win our playoff chances are completely in OUR HANDS!! You've played a whole season to get to the promised land, now let's bear down and clinch it this week and send the Phillies to the links for the fall!!

                      VIVA LOS DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                      • I was watching the last part of that Nats-Phillies game last night. Those Nationals sure have some spunk. :gt Thanks for the help there boys and keep up the good work.


                        • Good job beating the Rockies last night, and good job by the Nationals last night, but we have to keep winning because the Nationals stink and one can't trust them to beat the Phillies again.

                          As for the Cardinals, they are a disgrace. What chokers, I'd be surprised if they beat the Padres even once.


                          • Kudos to the Nats for taking the Phils 14 last night. at least they made them earn the win.

                            And it's a good thing the Astros keep winning also. They are preventing the Cards from sleepwalking into the playoffs.


                            • LONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              "I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it." - Sandy Koufax.

                              "My name is Yasiel Puig. I am from Cuba. I am 21 years old. Thank you."


                              • Wednesday, September 20, 2006

                                Pittsburgh 6, Los Angeles 4 at Dodger Stadium

                                W - Shawn Chacon (2-2)
                                L - Greg Maddux (4-3)
                                S - Salomon Torres (10)

                                PIT 6 runs, 12 hits, 1 error
                                LA 4 runs, 7 hits, 1 error

                                HR - JD Drew, LA (18), Jose Bautista, PIT (15)

                                Dodgers' record - 79-73 (2nd in NL West)

                                QUICKIE RECAP: This was the perfect time to get back to first, as Edgar Gonzalez of the Diamondbacks dominated the Padres down south, but the Dodgers ran into an old nemesis at the Ravine and this time, they just couldn't hit him. Shawn Chacon made his first appearance at Dodger Stadium in two years, and he looked anything but the pitcher that would repeatedly get shelled on the mound. What made the loss harder to take was that he beat a future Hall-of-Famer. Chacon went 6 2/3 innings, allowing six hits and four runs, with the last two coming on a JD Drew pinch-hit two-run jack. The Dodgers mounted a threat against John Grabow, but reliever Matt Capps got Nomar to pop out to Xavier Nady to end the threat. And that was it for the Dodgers. Greg Maddux lasted only five innings and he gave up three runs, but he wasn't the only ineffective Dodger hurler. Aaron Sele allowed an RBI single to local hero Jack Wilson (he grew up about 20 minutes from where I did) and Russell Martin's throwing error on a double steal set up another Pirate run, and Nady hit a ground-rule double to finish the scoring. In the ninth, LA faced their favorite pitcher Salomon Torres (I still remember the last game of the 1993 season), but thirteen years later, he was finally able to shut them down. Russell Martin, Sr. played the national anthem on his sax, but in the end, the Dodgers were singing the blues. And somewhere in the visiting dugout, Jim Tracy finally showed some emotion.
                                SOUVENEZ-VOUS LES EXPOS!!!
                                "The future's uncertain and the end is always near" - Jim Morrison


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