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  • The 2006 Dodger Season Thread

    Monday, April 3, 2006

    Atlanta 11, Los Angeles 10 at Dodger Stadium

    W - Oscar Villarreal (1-0)
    L - Derek Lowe (0-1)
    S - Chris Reitsma (1)

    ATL 11 runs, 12 hits, 3 errors
    LA 10 runs, 17 hits, 1 error

    HR - Adam LaRoche, ATL (1), Andruw Jones, ATL (1), Ryan Langerhans, ATL (1)

    Dodgers' record - 0-1 (T-3rd in NL West)

    When the game is 8-1, you should not have to rely on your closer to get three outs. The Braves had everything going their way (more like the Dodgers having everything going against them, since Nomar went on the DL prior to the game), and they got to a quick start off Derek Lowe, scoring four times in the first inning. Unlike last year's season opener, Lowe had a horrible game, going 5 innings and giving up seven earned runs, and he left the game with a 12.60 ERA. But the Dodgers have a knack for wacky home openers, as they scored four times in the fifth off RBI singles by JD Drew and Bill Mueller and a 2-run double by Jeff Kent. The Dodgers inched closer, getting to 11-5 and in the 8th, all hell broke loose (not really, but the Braves' bullpen, their longtime Achilles heel, went to work. Olmedo Saenz and Jason Repko had RBI hits and in the 9th, two RBI groundouts brought the Dodgers to within one run, until Saenz grounded out to end the game. Overall, Rafael Furcal and Jose Cruz had seven hits between them, and Kent drove in four runs, but the hole dug by Lowe was too big to get out of. Personally, I think the comeback reflects more on the Bravos' pen than it does on the Dodgers' lineup, but what the heck, a loss is a loss, right?
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    Originally posted by mojorisin71
    Nomar went on the DL prior to the game
    Wow, what a shock, Nomar on the DL. What a bum; him and Lofton on the DL before the season starts.

    And wonderful pitching by Lowe today.
    11-10, that was a tough loss, almost tied it.


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      I'd also like to add that today was the largest Opening Day crowd in Dodger Stadium history.
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        Tuesday, April 4, 2006

        Los Angeles 5, Atlanta 4 at Dodger Stadium

        W - Brad Penny (1-0)
        L - John Smoltz (0-1)
        S - Danys Baez (1)

        LA 5 runs, 10 hits, 1 error
        ATL 4 runs, 9 hits, 0 errors

        HR - Adam LaRoche, ATL (2), Brian McCann, ATL (1), JD Drew, LA (1)

        Dodgers' record - 1-1 (3rd in NL West)

        This week has not been a good one for the Dodgers, as both Nomar and Kenny Lofton went on the DL, and to top it off, there was the threat of the first rainout in six years. And to top it off, the Dodgers dug themselves into a deep hole on Opening Day and their comeback fell a bit short. Last night's game looked to be another disaster, as both Andruw and Chipper Jones had good numbers against Brad Penny in the past, and the Dodgers had poor stats against John Smoltz. And somehow, Grady Little had faith in James Loney, who had never played above AA, and he started last night at first base. Add an almost empty Dodger Stadium and you have the perfect scenario for Dodger baseball.

        The Dodgers returned the favor last night by jumping out to a 4-0 lead on a 2-run HR by JD Drew and RBI singles by Bill Mueller (who entered the game batting 9-for-19 [.474] against Smoltz) and Jason Repko, and the Dodgers never gave up the lead from there. Brian McCann continued his domination of Penny, hitting a solo shot in the top of the 2nd inning, and as soon as Edgar Renteria flied out to end the Bravos' half-inning, the umps raced onto the field and paused the game for 26 minutes, much to the dismay of whoever was left in the stadium. Penny struck out 8 in 5 innings, and Jae Seo almost finished the game, but in the 8th, he ran into trouble, giving up back-to-back doubles to Matt Diaz (pronounced DIE-az) and Andruw Jones and a 2-run shot to Adam LaRoche, who seems to take pleasure in adding his name to the the growing list of Dodger killers. Danys Baez came in the 9th and got three outs to earn his first career save in the National League.

        Tonight's matchup features hometown hero Horacio Ramirez (Inglewood HS) versus Odalis Perez.
        "The future's uncertain and the end is always near" - Jim Morrison


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          Odalis Perez sucks ass!!!


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            Thank you again Mojo for the game by game wrap ups - it keeps me well informed in what is happening with the Dodgers. I am not working tomorrow so hope to catch the TV game (midday our time) although I don't know who it will feature. We get around 3 games a week here.
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              Wednesday, April 5, 2006

              Atlanta 9, Los Angeles 8 at Dodger Stadium

              W - Oscar Villarreal (2-0)
              L - Franquelis Osoria (0-1)
              S - Chris Reitsma (2)

              ATL 9 runs, 13 hits, 2 errors
              LA 8 runs, 12 hits, 1 error

              HR - Wilson Betemit, ATL (1)

              Dodgers' record - 1-2 (5th in NL West)

              Usually when you think of a Dodgers/Braves series, you expect great pitching duels and excellent defensive plays. Unfortunately, this was not the case this week, as the Dodgers closed out a 3-game homestand by dropping a 9-8 decision to the Bravos. Everything seemed to click with the Dodgers, scoring four runs in the first inning for the second consecutive game, but as DodgerBlue81 pointed out, Odalis Perez was unable to hold the lead, as the Braves scored five times in the third inning, capped by a 2-run HR from light-hitting Wilson Betemit. Atlanta scored three more times in the fourth off Perez and reliever Lance Carter, but like the season opener, the Braves' pen was also unable to stay ahead (starter Horacio Ramirez strained his hamstring while running out a bunt single). LA scored three times in the seventh off John Thomson, Mike Remlinger, and Oscar Villarreal, who is on pace to win 108 games for Atlanta this season. But in the eighth, Marcus Giles and Edgar Renteria drew two-out walks off Franquelis Osoria and then Ryan Langerhans hit a ground-rule double to right to drive home the winning run. Chris Reitsma retired all five batters he faced to earn his second save in the series.

              Both Jeff Kent and Olmedo Saenz left the game early, as Kent took a pitch from Ramirez in the arm and Saenz had a stiff back. Rafael Furcal limped off the field in the 8th after saving a run from scoring, but none of them figure to be out for long. Don't you have an eerie feeling that it's 2005 all over again?
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              "The future's uncertain and the end is always near" - Jim Morrison


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                Tomorrow's game will feature Brett Tomko vs Gavin Floyd in Philly.

                I'm starting to miss the Professor already.
                SOUVENEZ-VOUS LES EXPOS!!!
                "The future's uncertain and the end is always near" - Jim Morrison


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                  I went to the game last night. Damn, I'm 0-5 whenever I sit in the Pavilions. I'll never buy those seats again.

                  I'm probably 50 games over .500 in any other sections.
                  Using a stolen chant from Boston Celtics fans whenever an L.A. team is playing up there just reeks of inferiority complex.

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                    Our pitching stinks, I can't believe we lost that game


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                      Up 5-0 and I bet we blow this one too. Tomko sucks :grouchy


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                        OK, good, I was wrong. We really needed that win.


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                          Friday, April 7, 2006

                          Los Angeles 5, Philadelphia 3 at Citizens Bank Park

                          W - Brett Tomko (1-0)
                          L - Gavin Floyd (0-1)
                          S - Danys Baez (2)

                          LA 5 runs, 7 hits, 0 errors
                          PHI 3 runs, 9 hits, 1 error

                          HR - Pat Burrell, PHI (2), Sal Fasano, PHI (1)

                          Dodgers' record - 2-2 (3rd in NL West) (for now)

                          After watching the Dodgers blow a five-run lead to the Braves two nights ago, it was painful to see the Dodgers almost do it today. The Dodgers capitalized on a fielding error by Rookie of the Year Ryan Howard and an off-night from Gavin Floyd and scored five times in the first three innings. Jason Repko continued his hot start, going 2-for-4 with an RBI and a run scored. Brett Tomko pitched well in his first start as a Dodger, going 6 innings, giving up 3 runs on 8 hits, but all three of those came in the 4th inning, and it looked like he would pull off an Odalis Perez after Sal Fasano hit a 2-run shot to left center. Surprisingly, the lead stood for the rest of the game, Hong-chih Kuo got to work two innings (and got to bat as well) before Danys Baez came in to shut the door on the Phillies. Not a bad outing today.
                          SOUVENEZ-VOUS LES EXPOS!!!
                          "The future's uncertain and the end is always near" - Jim Morrison


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                            stinkin' rainout. Now we have a doubleheader, better get a split at least.


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                              I broke my leg so I was excited to see some baseball today
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