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So...the Dee Gordon trade (in retrospect)

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  • So...the Dee Gordon trade (in retrospect)

    So now that we have a full season and part of another to think about it, what do we think of the trade? Was it a good idea? A terrible idea? Has it panned out (for either team)?

    I defended it vehemently at the time, but part of that was based on thinking Gordon would regress. He's never going to take a lot of walks, he has no power to speak of, and while it's pretty impressive how hard he's worked to become a solid fielder, I think he's a touch overrated there too. But he has surprised me, so I guess the contact and hitting (for average, anyway) talents are for real.

    That said, they got four very solid players in return, and I think Dodger fans that miss the "speed at the top of the lineup" (as well as a natural lead off hitter, though I question whether Gordon's ideal for that anyway) tend to forget that.

    Kike Hernandez - beloved of Dodger fans, a real sparkplug, keeps the team loose - his value extends far beyond his playing ability, which is actually pretty good. And quite possibly the best utility player in baseball. It's only a problem when you have to count on him to start in the same place day-after-day, as they needed to a few times last year, through no fault of his.

    Andrew Heaney - oh, they sure could use him about now, couldn't they? He did net Kendrick, who's once again a nice (temporary) solution at 2B - he'll obviously never replace Gordon straight up, and even with the team-friendly signing this year, he's a lot more expensive, but he was certainly better than the in-house options. That said, I think that was the biggest mistake of the trade (either that or the wholesale disposal of Haren) - I think they were in too much of a hurry to replace Gordon and they could've gotten more for Heaney - or flipped somebody else for Kendrick.

    Austin Barnes - Versatility, already MLB-level game calling (though his defense can still use some work), unspectacular but good enough hitter - definitely more than just 'depth' - I think he's totally a major league player, and has options left as a bonus. He might, in the end, be the most valuable pickup.

    Chris Hatcher - For all the criticisms leveled at the FO for continued bullpen issues, it's improving (at least slightly) ever since they took over - and Hatcher's a big reason. They threw a lot of pitchers out there to see if they'd work out, but with a few false starts along the way, Hatcher's the only one that really has. I think he has a chance to be as good as any set-up guy out there. Just hoping the FO doesn't get it into their head that he can replace Kenley, because he can't. Kenley's an elite closer, and needs to be paid like one. Get on it, FO.

    So while both players the Marlins got exceeded expectations - Haren was still a solid starter for all his threats about retiring - the Dodgers got FOUR impact players. And it doesn't seem to have helped the Marlins much, or hurt the Dodgers - the latter was a playoff team unable to go all the way, and the Marlins were a non-playoff team, and both remained with the same status. The Dodgers threw a lot of money down the drain - so what else is new? - but you know what they say - you gotta give up something to get something. And they got a lot. And Gordon was only going to be cheap for another season and a half, which I'm sure was part of their thinking - he'll certainly make a hefty salary once he goes to arbitration next off-season.

    So what does everyone think? Were you happy about it at the time? Would you do it again?
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    I think it was a good deal for the dodgers. turned out well for the marlins too. He won't maintain that BABIP and likely won't be an above average hitter but the real improvement was on the defensive side. gordon was always fast but not a good Defender and last year he was able to translate his athleticism into defensive prowess, actually being one of the best 2B of the league.

    if he can sustain that and have like a 95 OPS+at the plate (and his running game of course) he is a 3 WAR Player and thus very valuable for the Team.
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