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  • It seems a bit quiet in here...

    I know there are very little or no Marlins fans here, but it does seem a *bit* quiet here. I'm going to change that in a moment. Here is my overview of the team:

    Offense - "No Cabrera, no problem" Jorge Cantu, Dan Uggla, Hanley Ramirez and Mike Jacobs carry the team's offense.

    Pitching - "The Inning Eaters" Scott Olsen and Mark Hendrickson work as an effective one-two punch. One weakness is their unproven starting rotation. It is unproven because after Olsen starts, the other three have been question marks all year.

    Coaching - Fredi "Mercury" Gonzalez has been managing the team well, but they are quite inconsistent at times. This team is not going to hold up against the red-hot Philadelphia for the NL East lead, and that series starts on Friday, where they could just plow the Fish down.

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    well, we won 2 of 3 against the Phils this weekend, which was impressive.

    I can't help but feel that the starting pitching will improve by the end of the year, with Josh Johnson and Anibal Sanchez slated to come back in the next couple of months. I also have great confidence that we can call up some pitchers from the minors, like Ryan Tucker, who had a stellar debut, to step up. And the pitchers in our rotation now have shown signs of being effective, Nolasco and Miller have done a good job the last couple of outings, it is only thier consistency of quality starts that we need.


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      I think the Marlins are a very good team. And they're going to be so good, in a few years. Especially when Cameron Maybin develops.
      "Enjoy your sweat because hard work doesn't guarantee success, but without it, you don't have a chance." -Alex Rodriguez
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        Hey sap, you join this too??

        Marlins are a good team and will not make the playoffs due to the Cards winning the W. Card and the Phils winning the division. Uggla is great and Miller will be a K machine


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