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What is Redmond's problem with playing older players.

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  • What is Redmond's problem with playing older players.

    In 2013 new manager Mike Redmond basically pulled the plug on Juan Pierre's season in July, despite the fact that Pierre ranked second or third in the league in Stolen Bases at the time he stopped being played regularly. It turned out to be Pierre's last season and I think if he had been handled differently he might have still been an active major leaguer in 2014. (He also missed the 2,000 career games milestone by 6 games thanks to Redmond's reluctance to play him).
    I think Ichiro may meet the same fate at Redmond's hands. This guy just doesn't understand how to use older players and former stars in a way that gets the most mileage out of them. Aside from Giancarlo Stanton the other Marlins outfielders are still basically unknowns to most of America and ichiro ought to be given a shot at playing in left ahead of any of them. If Redmond's limited use of ichiro continues Ich can forget about 3,000 hits, even if he plays through 2016.

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    Good question, unfortunately I do not have the answer.
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