The Milwaukee Brewers began playing under that name in 1970, after spending a year in Seattle as the Pilots. It has been 50 years since that team played, yet of the 45 members of that club, 31 are still with us:

Hank Allen
Max Alvis
Dave Baldwin
Bobby Bolin
Bruce Brubaker
Bob Burda
Wayne Comer
Al Downing
Dick Ellsworth
John Gelnar
Tommy Harper
Steve Hovley
Bob Humphreys
Pete Koegel
Ted Kubiak
George Lauzerique
Bob Locker
Skip Lockwood
Jerry McNertney
Bob Meyer
John Morris
John O'Donoghue
Rich Rollins
Phil Roof
Ken Sanders
Ted Savage
Bernie Smith
Russ Snyder
Fred Stanley
Sandy Valdespino
Floyd Wicker